Alan Schezar


Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Though named after an anime character from Escaflowne, Alan Schezar of StarCraft fame is far from a sword-wielding womanizer. In fact, the only thing the two share is their piloting of mechs.

Schezar first makes his appearance in the Enslavers I and II campaigns that take place after the Great War of StarCraft, right at the beginning of Brood War. In it, he leads his Schezar’s Scavengers as they make camp on infested Aiur, steal protoss technology, and control the mind of a cerebrate (sara-brit).

Before this gets out of hand, players team up with Tom Kazansky, the best Wraith pilot in Mengsk’s fleet, Magellan, a cybernetic construct who commands a science vessel, and Mojo the protoss. Together, the group hunts down Schezar, eventually killing him and preventing further havoc.

Jeff’s Choices




        Alan Schezar

Trait- “EMP Generator”

The base fantasy for this Schezar kit in this kit is to make him a . With this trait he places a EMP generator on the battlefield that will slowly drain all of the shields from the enemy team the longer that they stay in range of it. The shields that are drained by this EMP are distributed to the friendly team as spell shields. Like most things in the nexus this can be destroyed by the enemy team.

Mount- “Goliath Rocket Boost” During the mount channel time the Goliath will have rockets begin to take off and it will begin to fly at mounted speed.

Q- “Primary Weapons”

With these first 2 basic abilities you are selecting the type of auto attach that you would like to play with as Schezar. When this ability is active Scherzer's auto attack is a large high caliber round that blasts from his forward facing guns that will deal a large amount of burst damage that spills on to close enemies. This is a tru auto attack and is not a skill shot for the player.

W- “Secondary Weapons”

This is the second type of auto attack that you can choose as the Schezar player. When this is active the Goliath’s top bay will open up for whirlwind missiles to be deployed. With each of these auto attacks a barrage of missiles will fire from the Goliath and land in the targeted area. These missiles are armour piercing and will deal damage directly to the health of the target. The mouse cursor of the player is always going to be the position that the auto attack will land.

E- “Defensive Position”

Schezar activates the defensive position of the Goliath and when this is activated it will not be able to use auto attacks- but will begin to self repair itself. This defensive position will also create a electronic barrier around Schezar that will shock any enemy hero that comes near him.

Heroic 1- “Khaydarin Crystal" 

The Schezar's Scavengers were a pirate militia under the command of the crime lord Alan Schezar, whose loyalty was to themselves and money first. This mercenary militia is notorious for using khaydarin crystals technology to control zerg cerebrates.

When activated Schezar places a Khaydarin Crystal on the battlefield that will pulse with energy pushing enemy heros away from it like a brightwing ult. This crystal can be destroyed by the enemy team, and only stays on the battlefield for a short amount of time.

Heroic 2- “Target Confirmed”

The top bay of the Goliath opens and a huge missile barrage is launched at the target location. The missiles are channeled from Schezar for 3 seconds and the target location is bombarded with massive damage for the entire duration. Schezar is unable to move or use other abilities during its channel.

Specialty Skin:  Warhammer 40k Imperial Dreadnaught

Dance: Fireworks

Kristen’s Choices


        When this mech’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’.




        Specialist (bard)


Goliath Online

All nearby units have their armor increased by a small percentage.


        Flying Goliath

Not just a regular unit, Alan’s goliath is outfitted with little boot boosters that allow him to hover to his intended destination.


Ultra Capacitors

Every basic attack performed by Alan decreases the ability cooldowns for his nearby teammates.


Vanadium Plating

Targeting a friendly unit, Alan’s goliath’s plating rockets toward them, soaking incoming damage before returning to Alan’s mech.


        Regenerative Bio-Steel

When not in combat after having not taken damage for a bit, nearby teammates regenerate health at a faster speed.

R1 & 2

Alan Dies at the End

No matter how you play Enslavers, Alan dies at the end. To celebrate this most illustrious of careers, Alan’s ult will have him die at the end - but not before totally whooping some applesauce! Going into a rampage, Alan activates Optimized Logistics coupled with his Laser Targeting System. Now firing missiles that lock on and deal a lot of damage to enemy units, the logistics running in the background lower his death timer. The longer he stays alive during this ult, the shorter his death timer, reduced by up to 50%.


        Allen Schezar

Going full Escaflowne, Allen would now appear with long, blonde hair, huge shoulder pads, and ride a guymelef with a cape over one shoulder named Scheherazade.



        Texas Two Step (in his goliath)

There is no one correct way to do this dance as every region of the US has its own style of doing this relation of the polka, Texas waltz, and jitterbug.