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instructions for sewing tshirts to bags
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T-Shirts to Bags - Sewing Instructions

You will need: - a sewing machine, white or black thread , sharp scissors and a hole puncher

  1. Fold the T-Shirt long ways arm to arm.
  2. Make sure it is perfectly flat.
  3. Cut a slight arch from center of fold to under each sleeve.

4. Go to the bottom of the T-Shirt. Cut straight a 2 inch slit while T-Shirt is still folded. This will be the bag handle.

5. If there is a pattern/logo on the T-Shirt sew on that side. Sew along the curve you have just cut. For strength do two rows of stitching.

6. Turn bag inside out.

7. Cut very small holes or punch holes (using hole puncher) into the bag for ventilation. You can also use a scissor. Up to you to create your own designs at this stage.

8. Once bag is finished, cut all the labels out.