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Annual Report 2018
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Annual Report


SPIRIT Story of 2018

Summary of improvements 

● Increased number of participants, service hours and volunteer hours

● Improved policies and procedures, online registration and tracking forms

● Initiated process of developing Sully Farm

● Established policies and procedures and overall communication with Park


New corporate sponsors - Audi of America, Salesforce

● Started Education and Training Program

2018 - Numbers:


Individual Program service hours

Therapeutic Riding hours


Equine Assisted Learning


Equine Assisted Activities/Education and Training


Equine Assisted Therapy/Psychotherapy


Total service hours                                                                      4052

Volunteer Hours

Program support


Office support


Farm maintenance support


Fundraising support


Total volunteer hours                                                                    12354.75

Key volunteers:

Mike Smith, CPA, supervising accounting procedures and bookkeeping

Jeff Wallace, horse care, feeding and some farm work maintenance daily

Mike Henderson, maintenance of vehicles and equipment

Kris Montagne, administrative support


Lauren Wong, PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor, Certified EAL facilitator

Sarah Morehouse, PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor, Certified Equine Assisted Mental Health professional

Ioana Marcus, Ioana Marcus, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, Associate Professor of Counseling

Certified Gestalt Equine Psychotherapist, Coordinator, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program, President, Association for Creativity in Counseling, Certified Equine Assisted Mental Health professional

Alemka Berliner, MA, LPC, NCC, Diplomate of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy, Certified Equine Assisted Mental Health professional

Karen Statman, PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor, Administrative Assistant

Aaron Fleet, Instructor in training, Certified EAL facilitator

Ayah Syeed, Assistant

Leslie Vernon, Bookkeeper

Boris Suvak, Property Manager and horse care

Davorka Suvak, Therapeutic Riding Instructor, Executive Director

Board of Directors and Officers:

Lauren Wong, Chairman

Rob Mennell, Vice Chairman

Patty Sullivan, Treasurer

Sandy Smallwood, Secretary

● Laura Welsh , Director

Julia Scoville, Director

Diane Pires, Director

Leslie Vernon, Director

Louise Peterson, Director

Aaron Fleet, Director

Jared Cox, Director

Robert Wysocki, Director

Barry Dresdner, Director

Brian Wright, Director

Fundraising Committee:

● Patty Sullivan, Chairman

● Lauren Wong

● Claire Hosker

● Christina Klein

● Kris Montagne

● Nina Eidelberg

● Melissa Pickell

● Diane Pires

● Julia Scoville

● Maria Sickinger

● Candace Sturdivant

● Doreen Gumas

● Josie Fleet

● Leigh Flajnik

● Leslie Vernon

● Kymberley Pierce

Executive Committee:

● Rob Mennell

● Aaron Fleet

● Lauren Wong

● Robert Davis

● Barry Dresdner

● Mike Smith

● Laura Skoff

● Rachel Rubia

2018 - Top donors:

●  Dombrowsky Family

●  Audi of America

●  Patty Sullivan

●  Schwall Family

●  Harris Foundation

●  The Alice Shaver Charitable Trust

●  Laura Welsh

●  Salesforce

●  Michael P Smith  

●  CFC

● L CG inc.

●  Charles Gumas

●  Mary Malyszka

●  John Stubbs

●  Florence Dougherty

●  Cindy Kohler

●  The Leeps Foundation

And many more who wanted to be anonymous

Thank you !

What parents of our students and families said about SPIRIT in 2018

I have been overwhelmed with this program. My 9 year old is not part of the therapeutic program, but she has benefited so much more from Dada's program than she would have from a regular riding class. She is gaining skill and experience in the saddle, but she also feels part of a group that's there to support each other - and to push each other to achieve. Dada expects a lot from the kids, and it's fantastic! They want to work harder, and when they do, Dada (and her teachers) give them such great feedback. My girl always leaves the classes walking slightly taller and so proud of herself! We look forward to continuing to the EAL program where she'll have responsibilities and work with the team to care for the horses and help new students. I can't wait to see how she'll continue to grow in ability and confidence. Highly recommend the program for kids of all abilities and attitudes.

I thought it was AMAZING. I loved the progression of challenges that Dada provided. Her ability to talk right to your soul with her calm and discerning presence is something I look forward to every time I head out to Play with the Herd. I learned so much in just one night. Starting off with coaxing your horse out of a grazing herd and managing your energy while extracting a mostly hypnotized horse from the pasture really set the tone. The ring exercise aimed at shifting the power balance to yourself just by getting them to move around the ring was powerful. I felt silly at first, then amazed, then nervous, and then calm. Moving on to the bareback riding was exciting. The most powerful moment in the ring was when I had to bring everything Dada was saying together; when it all came together it was a very deep and meditative experience, being one with the horse. We then moved out to the grassy circle and eventually the trail. Learning that communication was not a one-and-done signal, but a continued banter between rider and self really opened my eyes. Additionally, learning to be more certain and clear in those communication channels was empowering. Overall, the whole night was magical and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it or the positive impact it has had since.

Always a great program at Spirit! You do a great job of meeting each person where they are at (skill wise) and challenge them all based on what areas need the most focus.

Classes were wonderful , all instructors very patient , kind, and worked well with my child

We love the program! Compared to other programs, Spirit offers so much more. John loves going out on the trails and the independence he is given as well as being treated as if he does not have a disability.