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DanceCo is a professional performance company creating original dance-theatre for young audiences and their families.

Who We Are
Built on the creative vision of Matthew Keefe and the collective experience of he and his wife, Brittany, DanceCo aims to establish itself as a regular producer of original dance for young audiences in the Twin Cities.

Matthew’s choreography has ranged across the spectrum of dance; from classical ballet to, contemporary dance, musical theater and commercial productions. For the past several years, he has been developing narrative productions in his choreographic work, including several full length story ballets and smaller productions. Creating new story ballets specifically for young audiences began in 2011 with Grumpy Bird - a fifteen minute educational ballet set to music by Mozart for the American Repertory Ballet. Nearly eight years later, it is still being performed in their educational outreach programs. His two children’s works for Rockford Dance Company, Wolf Tales and Which Witch is Which? were very successful artistically and at the box office as well as his other re-creations of Cinderella, Appalachian Spring, Carnival of the Animals, and Rite of Spring. Matthew also serves as the Artistic Director and principal choreographer for Children’s Dance Theatre of Rochester, MN, where he has created original productions of The Mermaid, (2016), Jungle Book (2017) and most recently Cinderella (2018). Following the success of Expectation Station, Matthew is currently developing DanceCo’s next production, Which Witch is Which?? and movement classes for 3-6 year olds for the Jeremiah Program (in collaboration with Free Arts and Big Brothers/Big Sisters).

Brittany Keefe is currently a freelance dancer and teacher in the Twin Cities. Brittany danced principal roles with James Sewell Ballet, Twin Cities Ballet, American Repertory Ballet, Terpsicorps Dance Theater, Terra Firma Dance Company and the Chamber Dance Project.  She has also danced locally with Collide Theatrical Dance Company, MN Opera, at the Walker with the Merce Cunningham retrospective, Deborah Thayer’s Movement Architecture and Penelope Freeh Dances. Administratively, Brittany served two years as the School Coordinator of the Rockford Dance Company where she created and implemented a school wide syllabus, teacher training program, and programmed client management software. She also runs her own personal training business My Spiral Motion specializing in the GYROTONICⓇ exercise system.

DanceCo was unveiled in the summer of 2016 at the Minnesota Fringe Festival with a re-staging of Matthew’s Wolf Tales. He and Brittany shared the stage as dancers and divided the duties as co-directors -- Matthew directing the choreography, Brittany designing sets and costumes as well as sharing in the administrative responsibilities. The production sold out three out of five shows with an overall attendance of 87% and a five star rating at the Fringe. The production came in under budget and exceeded revenue projections.

Matthew and Brittany strive to build on this success with the development of a professional performance company. DanceCo is organized as a project-based fiscally sponsored organization through Springboard for the Arts and Fractured Atlas.

By NAT CASE | PUBLISHED: August 5, 2016.   Worth Considering: It’s a cute (if overworked) premise — a mashup of three classic fairy tales, with an ironically good-natured wolf as narrator. It’s a cute show and it turns out that can be a good thing. A crew of excellent dancers, ham it up (sometimes literally: the pig costumes are used to great effect). It’s a totally kid-friendly presentation with enough cleverness and humor to keep good-natured adults involved.These days, “charming” can be a code word for painfully twee, but here it fits. The performers are having a fun time, and it’s infectious.

Upcoming Performances                
Which Witch is Which@ Avalon Theater
(home of Heart of the Beast puppet and Mask Theater)
1500 East Lake Street in Minneapolis, MN

Tickets $10 Kids (3 and up) & $12 Adults  

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