A Letter To My Parents

With communication we aren’t too bad, but we aren't too well either. We have our yelling outbursts to each other, we have our miscommunications. When I say these things I think of my mom because she’s the one with us the most. My dad comes in when he pleases but is always willing to listen to me and my brother, He’s always willing to listen to our thoughts and emotions open mindedly. I have the best communication with him. I know though that both my parents will sit down and listen to me when I ask them if they can.

        We could start talking more, we could maybe spend more time individually together with the rest of the family somewhere else. We’ve done that before and it was really nice. Being with them and being able to talk freely just me and my mom or me and my dad was a different experience. Something that’s needed often or more often than we do it but we only ever do it every once and awhile. Its okay though I can appreciate the solo outings, late night coffee, and car rides a little more than I normally would if it doesn’t happen as much as I wish it would. My parents are very hard working, busy people so I understand when they don't have the time or mental capacity when I need to talk with them. They also have their own problems I know they do I see it.

        I hope soon Me and my parents can talk normally about our feelings. I notice we can be really toxic about it sometimes. I hope soon I can talk to them about personal things without being fearful or the response or feel weird because of the lack of communication in the past. I hope soon I can help them so they don't have to work as much and they have more time for us and themselves. Sometimes my wishes and thoughts on talking with them and being able to be open about a lot of things without having to restrain my thoughts or emotions seems so forgein and impossible only time will tell if we will ever be able to reach such a point.