Navigating Ethical Non-Monogamy ~ Group Theme Schedule

Winter 2018 // Yana Tallon-Hicks //

This is a general outline of themes for each group meeting. Themes or content may be adjusted depending on group needs and pacing. Each group will contain time for an opening check-in, a psychoeducational component led by Yana, group sharing and/or a skill-building activity, a homework assignment for the week, and a closing.


Please purchase the following books to be read over the course of the 10-week group.

More Than Two by Franklin Veaux & Eve Rickert

Opening Up by Tristan Taormino

Wired for Love by Stan Tatkin

Optional: The Ethical Slut by Dossie Easton & Janet W. Hardy

Other readings/articles will be assigned and email as needed.

Less expensive book options can sometimes be found on

Group 1: February 4th

Introduction to the Group


Intro to Non-Monogamy / 101 / Terms

Self-Assessment: What might be your unique personal challenges in non-monogamous partnerships?

Group 2: February 11th

Goal-Setting & Visioning Your Relationships

Defining Your Relationship Values

What kind of relationships do you want to create and why? What are the barriers currently standing between you and these hopes and how can you begin to address them?

Group 3: February 18th

Attachment Styles & Ineffective Coping Strategies

Identifying Your Attachment Styles & Injuries

Identify and adjust the ineffective behaviors you utilize to attempt to meet your relational needs

Group 4: February 25th

Identifying Your Boundaries & Needs Within Relationships

Increasing Differentiation & Sense of Self While in Conflict

How do you act and react to your partners when you are in relational conflict or distress? How does this impact your relationship satisfaction and what can you do about it?

Group 5: March 4th

Dismantling Barriers to Open Communication

Practicing direct communication and positive, specific requests

What are the differences between direct communication, asking for your needs, and demanding or controlling? How can we ensure we are doing one and not the other?

NO GROUP March 11th

Group 6: March 18th

Jealousy & Jealousy Management

Jealousy is the number one common challenge for most people navigating non-monogamy. Where are the roots of your jealousy, your partners’ jealousy, and how can you effectively address jealousy without controlling your partners or sabotaging yourself?

Group 7: March 25th

Self-Care & Self-Worth as Jealousy Management

How do your negative thought patterns attribute to your resiliency in the face of relational uncertainty? What self-care strategies bolster your sense of self in partnership and how can this positively impact your non-monogamous relationships?

Group 8: April 1st

Building Relationship Agreements That Work

Learn strategies for creating relationship agreements that are sustainable and beneficial to all people in your relationship.

What makes for a successful agreement? How can you create custom relationship boundaries in a social context with few positive examples of sustainable non-monogamy?

Group 9: April 8th

Power, Safety, and Relationship Repair

How do issues of power and privilege play into non-monogamous relationships and what can you do to create ethical relationships in the face of power differentials?

How do you create safety in your relationships, both physically and emotionally?

What do you do when things go wrong, mistakes are made, or relationships hit the rocks?

FINAL GROUP 10: April 15th

Group Wrap-Up & Closing

What have you learned here?

What might be your next steps for personal growth and healthy relationship building?

This group will be left flexible to address the needs of the group or anything that the group determines hasn’t gotten enough time during the previous 9 weeks.