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August 5, 2020

Greetings Fabulous Classified Staff Family:

Welcome to 2020-21! I hope this letter finds you enjoying some restful and relaxing time with your loved ones and looking forward to a wonderful year of strength, perseverance, and tenacity because we are #StrongerTogether! Even though this pandemic has forced us into a non-traditional start to the school year, we are still very excited to begin a new school year together with you as we work collectively to fulfill our Greenfield Guarantee of ensuring our students are thriving nutritionally, technologically, academically and social-emotionally as we launch into Distance Learning. We are excited to see YOU and work together to design teaching and learning experiences that fulfill our mission of “ALL means ALL.”

This year our district vision and professional learning mission continues to be “Fulfilling the GreenfIeld Guarantee: ALL means ALL” as well as “Stronger Together!”  This is reflective of the work which began three years ago that has led to: launching our Professional Learning Community journey, PreK-8 Essential Standards for all grades and secondary courses, PreK-8 Common Assessments, Consistent Data Cycles of Inquiry, PBIS and SEL supports districtwide, Google Applications for Education (GAFE), Innovative Technology in all our classrooms, LEGO Robotics, robust Project Lead The Way courses (Engineering, Medical Detectives,  Computer Science, etc), partnerships with Apple Education that provides FIRST® Robotics student competitions and expositions, PreK-8 21st Century Learning Spaces, Family Resource and Early Childhood Centers, as well as providing a Broad Course of Study with College and Career experiences so ALL students secure a thriving future!

On Monday, August 10th all CSEA staff will join me via Zoom from 8:00-10:00am so please plan accordingly as sites will be taking attendance virtually. Please connect with your direct supervisor and IT leader so you have a device to connect to Zoom if you need one. Teachers and other educational staff and leaders will be meeting through 3:30pm that day. I will open up our day, followed by Mr. Vernon Wright, CUE Motivational speaker who will champion our work as a GUSD staff family! On August 11th, each school site will host their own virtual PD with agendas forthcoming from your site administrators who are equally excited to see you.

August 10th is our official first day back for ALL staff, so please plan to be ready to start at 8:00am via this GUSD events Zoom link. The Zoom room will be open at 7:45am so you can prepare for a day of high-intensity engagement and powerful learning experiences. As you begin the transition back, please listen to this “GUSD: Stronger Together” Spotify playlist that I created especially for you! As we “Get it Started,” we are definitely ready for “Higher Ground.” Know that “We are glad you came” as all of us “Imagine” “Better Days” even though we sometimes feel like we’re walking on a “Tightrope.” We are “mi gente” ready with “Faith” for “Everybody” to work together because “Ain’t no mountain high enough” when we do “Whatever it Takes” “Every little step” of the way because we are stronger and  “Better Together.” Enjoy your “Sunday Best” because “We are one” and “I believe that we will Win” “Now that we’ve found Love” moving forward “Together” because “This is how we do it!”

Lean on me, your leaders, and each other as we navigate these pandemic waters and hold tight to our mission that we will always be #StrongerTogether!

Wishing you all some amazing last few drops of summer and thank you for letting GUSD be a part of your lives!

All my best,

Zandra Jo Galván


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Please return to your site and see your supervisor for information on the rest of your day.

Have a Fabulous Day!


Zandra Jo Galván, Superintendent

Sonia Heredia, Board President  ◾  Cynthia Aguirre, Board Vice President  ◾  David Kong, Board Clerk

Mayra Perez-Diaz, Board Trustee  ◾  Denise Jaime, Board Trustee