Curriculum at Sir Bernard Lovell Academy

Students at SBL study a wide ranging curriculum, and even within each subject there is a wide range of content.  The links below outline what our students will be studying in each area over the course of their time with us.


English (KS3)

English (KS4)

Science (KS3)

Science (KS4)



Geography (KS3)

Geography (KS4)

ICT / Computer Science


Values and Beliefs


Design and Technology

Performing Arts (KS3)

Art (KS3)

Art (KS4)

Music (KS3)

Health and Social Care

(KS4 Only)

Enterprise and Marketing

(KS4 Only)

As well as the documents above, some department have their own web presence…

Maths can be found  at

For English, go to (This is particularly targeted at year 11)

You can find Geography at, and keep an eye out for a new address for this site soon!

Some teachers and subjects publish resources on Google Classroom.


Students can access this by logging RMUNIFY and clicking on the Classroom Icon.

All class specific Home Study tasks are of course, set through Insight.