Bonfire night

On the fifth  of november it was bonfire night. We spent most of our day picking the colour of our fireworks.At the end we chose gold,pink and green.Then we were waiting and waiting until night as soon as it was night time we got the fireworks out.The first colour we ever shot was the gold one. By the way, i chose the colour pink. We cept shooting until all of the fireworks were out.Then i went to bed.I was very excited to go to bed.

From Tia

On the fourth of november it was bonfire night for us.I went to a old farm which a farmer used to own but wanted to sell it and i went with my church community.First of all, mum,sister and me and my mums friend called andrea had a burger with pork and stuffing.For pudding was a perfect sugar cake,without icing, and a drink of blackcurrant juice.Next, we all went outside and saw a big fire. Soon,the fireworks were shot.Me and my friend was screaming with me as the fireworks shot.

From krista