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Links to Completed Norris Center Award Funded projects
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Application to the Norris Center Award

Links to some of the Completed

Norris Center Award Funded projects

Alex Osleger: Causes of floral movement in Calyptridium monospermum

Cassandra Giannousis: Effect of Acclimated Temperature on Skin Resistance in Long-Toed Salamanders

Una O'Connell: Investigating the effects of Scoliopus bigelovii leaf mottling on herbivory

Jesse Cole: Monitoring Pregnancy Status in Wild Northern Elephant Seals Using Hormones

Sean McCollum: Trait-Based Functional Analysis of Three Near-Shore Invertebrate Zooplankton Communities of Santa Catalina Island, CA

Rikki Lougee: Arboretum Signs for the Conifers of California

Nick Bergeron: The Effects of Auditory Predator Cues and Microhabitat on Foraging Behavior in Nocturnal Rodents

Peter Banke: The Provenance of Monterey Chert

Eric Medina: Maya Knowledge of Natural History; A Story of Resistance

Christian Lowson: An analysis of Pleistocene bison from the Russian Far East and China

Gozong Lor: The Effects of Small Mammals on Endemic Sandmat Manzanita at Fort Ord