Black River Independent School Committee

Date/Time: 01/31/2019 @ 6:30pm

Location: Black River High School Middle School Library


  1. Call to Order: Called to Order by John at 6:38pm
  1. Roll Call: John Bannon, Suzy Buckley, Melissa Perrino, Uli Donohue, Marissa Selleck; Joanne Wilson @ 6:52pm
  2. Approval of Agenda: Additions & Deletions-John added 5. Template for Request Letter, RE: Alternative Locations

II. Approval of Minutes

  1. 11/15/2018, Fundraiser Consultant Synopsis: Motion by Melissa, 2nd by John; Passed
  2. 12/13/2018: Motion by Melissa, 2nd by John; Passed
  3. 01/24/2019: Motion by John, 2nd by Melissa; Passed

III. Business

             A. Updates

                1. Donation Page Information/List via Uli: Uli added calendar link to

                website last weekend; will look into how to edit information on Donor Wall

                for any corrections

                *Follow Up: Filling in Calendar (& double checking editing corrections).

                2. Shared Lists, Mt. Holly Addresses to Reference; Double Checking:

                Megan Jenkins (Mt. Holly attendee at last week’s Google Hangouts

                meeting) reorganized list for up to date families to reach out to with the

                next 55 letters printed;

                Furthermore, Suzy & another volunteer are cross checking and

                consolidating the google doc list of students/families with voter lists; added

                column for “Last Contact (with) Date;” also separated alumni from current

                students; can organize google docs to be readily printable for labels; we

                can also Search within google spreadsheet for specific names; we also

                need to check and allow editing accessibility with other Members;

(volunteer working w/ Suzy is very tech-savvy); Lastly, Suzy & Uli

        checking mail regularly, handful of more donations arrived! Marissa to

        go to bank to deposit tomorrow.

        3. Final Letters, 1st Round Donation Letters: Melissa printed out 55 more,

        will be able to address/seal tonight & mail out to community members

        recommended via Megan’s list;

        4. Received Donation/Gifts Thank You Reply Letters, via MS: Marissa

        read out sample, based off of template sent to Hostel last summer for gift

        certificate donated to our farmer’s market pop-up raffle; includes

        everything tax-exempt purposes.

        5. Template for Request Letter, Alternative Locations, via JB: Contact with

        Vicar in Burlington in order to discuss renting/leasing from Catholic Church

        in case we need an alternative location.  

        *Will follow up with Kristen Garvey for template she worked on previously

        B. Discussion

                1. Organize Volunteer/Involved Contacts: Narrowing down contacts,

                eliminating over-messaging via emails; keeping it simple so there’s no

                overloads of emails; JB pointed out however: benefits of keeping people

                Informed, down the line needing more hands on assistance; Uli can adjust

                automatic email contacts for Community of Interested Persons as well as

                emails for members/board.  Cross referenced with previous contacts;

                made sure all previous contacts are included in appropriate section for

                later out reach.

                2. Review Tasks: To-Dos, Contacts, Etc (Regroup): John-once we have a

                strong organization/out-reach for first round of donations, the pivotal base/

foundation, we can move on to next round; question is timeline-when can

we approach middle round?  Suggested next meeting we again focus on         

foundation, then following meeting build up to wider audience; eventually

it will be face-to-face. Suzy looking at list, still many pivotal community

members to reach out to for our foundation of fundraising.

Also, John suggested next meeting revisiting governance structure; Uli

interested in focusing on Business Plan; grant coordinator liaison had

sample of State Application that can translate to a Business Plan.

Furthermore, follow ups for reconnecting with contacts/references, building substance to share for community updates;

*Follow up with Kristen to draft new Press Release: BRISC has started their Capital Campaign; offer contact information and where to find updates and other pertinent information, request for volunteers (MS to reach out once notes/minutes typed up); Also (see below in #3), new event for May 2nd, we are planning on attending the “High School Fair,”

stay tuned for further events

Lastly, UD has had community member(s) approach her with questions, let public know we are still progressing and available for any further questions, concerns, comments, etc.

3. New Events/Add to Updated Calendar: Brainstorming new events for pop-ups and/or fundraising.  For now, new one added that we are planning on attending the “High School Fair” (a la “Job Fair” only High School options” for transition into Choice Town) on May 2nd held in the Community Center (Uli added this event to the new Calendar).  Suzy

suggested we order a real/professional brochure, still has the information from printing co. via mailers/letters

(*Side note: Question about Town’s decision to accept or deny building, Marissa replied not to her knowledge has anyone heard yet; to follow up on ASAP).  John also suggested we follow up with another interview with OVTV asap, Suzy offered newspapers as well; JB-Yes, via Press Release

IV. Comments from Public: N/A

V. Items for Next Meeting: Follow up with Kristen for Press Release, as well as template for Request Letter for Alternative Locations; Continue to update donor/fundraising lists; Thermometer Diagram so public has visual of our financial progress & to see how much they’ve helped contribute!

VI. Adjournment: Adjourned by John at 7:45pm