(An elert my Elder.) One of the Elites went directly to Jelnorlus with the information from the first galaxy. (What’s the emergency, young Tachyean.) (I just received new that the star has finished it’s cycle properly, Now it’s collapsing into a black hole. I was informed by the Elite of that sector, and they seemed a bit lost at the idea that it had finally happened. I hope you or the council have a solution to this issue?) (I believe it’s now out of the hands of the council to decide how to handle the situation. You must go to the Lord of Tachyon to seek advice, and assistance with the issue.) Jelnorlus couldn’t believe that of all the things that could come up as Neoum’s first major project without the Elders be the star’s collapsion. (Sorry madam, I shouldn’t have made such a simple mistake, luckily time isn’t of the essence as of the moment, or else I would feel very blasphemous about all this. I will make haste this instant my lady.) The messenger flew off at pro-spd 2 toward Neoum’s quarters.

Neoum had just woken after a long month of analyzing the current problems of the Order as the list is rather continuous, but Neoum was able to pull it off. He was ready to start the first week’s agenda when the messenger arrived at his door as he was leaving. (My Lord, the worse has happened. The start of the black hole in the first galaxy has begun! I need you to help decide how to go about this, because we have never been in a situation like this before.) Neoum was flustered by the unexpected news. He just couldn’t think of any real solution off of the top of his head, so he had the next best idea. (Don’t worry, I will handle the situation in person.) (Wait my Lord, it’s going to be a very dangerous mission to embark on, and I would hate to see anything negative happen to our leader of the Order. May I accompany you to the location, and assist where needed?) Neoum didn’t want to get anyone in the mess because he didn’t want to risk anyone else’s life since the events with Wendel. He did feel that this Tachyean wanted to help serve as much as possible though, and Neoum knows the feeling of needing to help someone, even if it isn’t going to be very beneficial to the situation. (okay, if you really want to help me, then stay close, and don’t do anything without my instruction, okay?) (Yes my Lord, I truly want to help you in whatever way I can. Thank you my Lord for giving me such an opportunity. I’m forever grateful.) (Well, don’t be so proper about it, I feel that if we are going to work together, then we shouldn’t have such a division in our interaction like job roles. I want you to treat my like your fellow tachyean, okay?) (Okay my…..okay sir, I hope we can get this done well together friend.)

Neoum had to prepare a couple of his belongings for the trip. It would take about a four month  trip if Neoum has the messenger come along, so he made such he had what he needed to get through the trip, and be prepared to deal with the situation. (By the way, I forgot to ask what your name is?) (Oh, my name is Franden. Why do you ask?) (Well I would like to know who it is that I’m referring to when I need to call for assistance, and of course I like knowing how the wellbeing of my subjects are. By the way, just let me know if you need us to stop on the way there, I’ll understand if you can’t keep up with the rate we need to go.) (Don’t worry about me my Lord, I will be in no way a nuisance. Trust in my abilities to serve you my Lord. I will also stop the extra affection I’m giving you. You can still expect the best on my end, but I will be expecting as much or more for you.) (I will make sure you will not be disappointed.) The two prepared themselves to leave, but before they could leave, Jelnorlus stopped in their way.

(Before you two go, I recommend that you both go to the people of the second universe twelfth district, for they would have the most experience in the regard of black holes for their people are the only ones to observe one at a scale of more than a few meters in diameter. If you go there first, I suggest contacting a certain Bob among the Desparentos for he are the certain leader of your popular party. I wasn’t sure how or why he knew to contact me so quickly, but I trust that he will be a great aid to this mission.) Neoum was trying to think if he had helped them before, but couldn’t recall exactly how he did help someone named Bob. (I hope I can recognize him when I get there, because I can’t even think of anyone of that name?) (Oh don’t worry about it my Lord for he knows you only of your current reputation, and he’s been only supportive since I guess the system has been falling apart without the guidance of the Order, and the  people have been having a very hard time working with  such chaos spawning from their society.) (Well, it sounds like he wants more than just assisting us. I hope he isn’t expecting any immediate support, for I don’t have the time to help him.) (Well Neoum, you might just have to for he is your only source of being able to handle the issue of the black hole.) Neoum seemed a bit nervous by that response, even Franden could see the obvious struggle that was occurring. (My Lord, please don’t let this hurt your stable and powerful mind. I know you will be able to top both of these problems with the greatest of ease!) Neoum actually felt a bit more confident from Franden’s motivation. (Thank you Franden, with both of us, it should be easy to help them out.) (Well Neoum, the problem with that is it would be more efficient to send Franden to the location of the Black hole by himself, so you can finish up the issue the Desparentos are having, and then catch up to his position. Sorry that the first part will be solo my Lord.) Neoum was a bit shook up about that, but knew something wasn’t going to go smoothly. (Okay then, I guess I will meet up with you once I have handled the situation in the twelfth sector. Wish me luck!) With that Neoum was on his way.

Jelnorlus then stopped Franden before he could leave. (Why are you doing this, he is trying to help the people of our universe, and you seek to ruin that, correct?) Franden froze by the meer statement. (I mean, you can’t just expect me to let him survive this right? I’ve put so much work into getting him this far. I think he will wonder into the trap soon enough.) Jelnorlus couldn’t do anything to prevent him from his task. (I hope you’re sucked into the mass for the rest of eternity.) (Why are you so hopeful of such negative things, Master Elder? I only wish to advance the purpose of our existence, and if you really wanted to stop me, then you could’ve ended it all those year ago, but instead decided that I was more purposeful alive. You made this mistake my lady, so I hope you poor boy can handle what’s to come next.) Jelnorlus let him go, and started to tear up before she was able to get her weapon ready, thus Franden escaped her graspe. She knew this would happen, but never expected it to happen so soon.