1. Renew your intentions before participating.
  2. Uphold the standard of excellence (Ihsan) that we as muslims are obligated to maintain.
  3. Get the supplies from the Independent across the street: go to the cash and ask for the Islam Care centre order (bananas, bologna, cheese, bread, juice).  
  4. Make sure not to leave the Independent without the receipt.
  5. Slide all receipts underneath the office door.
  6. Roll out one picnic rug in the middle of the main room (perpendicular to the windows), and one near the windows (parallel to the windows). Set up two tables on the middle rug (bologna and cheese station), and one on the rug closer to the windows (hummus station).
  7. Supplies are inside the cupboard between the two washrooms, and leftover mustard should be found in the basement fridge.
  8. Always cover the tables with garbage bags (rip open).
  9. Always use gloves when handling the sandwiches.
  10. Return mustard to the fridge in the basement, once you start wrapping up.
  11. If a supply runs out, buy some using the ICC credit card recorded at Independent (slide the receipt under the office door again). Alternatively, pay using own funds and forward a picture of the receipt to the WhatsApp group to be reimbursed by Majed Jarrar.
  12. Bologna and cheese ingredients: mustard, a slice of cheese and a slice of bologna.
  13. A hummus sandwich should have 2 full tablespoons of hummus- one slice of bread should not have hummus on it.
  14. Do not waste pieces of bread, place extra scraps of bread in random sandwiches.
  15. Reserve around 1 box of bananas and 7 loaves of bread for the women’s shelter.
  16. If there is a surplus of bread, give the surplus to the women’s shelter.
  17. If there is a surplus of juice boxes or bananas, take them with you to the shelters and hand them out respectably.
  18. Make as many sandwiches as possible.
  19. Each lunch bag should have 1 banana, 1 juice box and 1 sandwich.
  20. If the lunch bag bananas run out, use some from the women’s shelter’s box of bananas.
  21. Once sandwiches are made, return everything the way it was.
  22. Vacuum the area underneath the work stations.
  23. Clean the tables with water and paper towels if there is a mess.
  24. Throw the garbage and extra boxes in the dumpsters beside the ICC building.
  25. Head to the first stop (Salvation Army 171 George St,) to hand out approximately half the load.
  26. Try to offer the clients 1-2 lunch bags, but if they request more, do not turn them down.
  27. Be friendly!! Ask the clients how their day is going and don’t be shy to have a conversation - they may appreciate that more than the food!
  28. For your safety, do not interact with intoxicated clients.
  29. Do not hand food inside the shelter. If you are looking for clients, request the shelter staff to make an announcement about the lunch bag distribution.
  30. Head to the second stop (Shepherds of Good Hope 233 Murray St,).
  31. You may park inside the shelter, BUT DO NOT HAND OUT FOOD ON SHELTER PROPERTY. Instead, hand them out on the sidewalk.
  32. If there is a surplus of lunch bags, give it to the shelter’s kitchen inside.
  33. Once lunch bag distribution is completed, drop off the bananas and loaves of bread at the Cornerstone Housing for Women at 172 O'Connor St. Ring the doorbell and await until they unlock the door for you.