Photo/Video Scavenger Hunt for TTW18

Number of Points Earned: Earn 1800 points or more and all team members win a prize.


Form a team of 3 to 4 people. You may use the camera on your phone or borrow an iPad from the library. Create, capture, and collect as many of the following photos and videos as possible in 15 minutes. One person on your team will be the photographer, but all other members of the team must be in the photos and videos. For each photo or video that you take, you will earn the given number of points. You do not need to follow the list in order.

You may leave the library to take a photo or video, but you must come back to the library to collect your prize.  


Video List (10 seconds are less is needed:

(Check off when you complete an item and circle the number of points earned)

Your team singing a verse from a nursery rhyme --100 points

Your team laughing hysterically --100 points

Your team counting by tens in unison --100 points

Your team cheering on a favorite team at a sporting event --100 points

Your team getting in a loud verbal argument. --200 points

Your team creating the sounds of a storm including wind, thunder, and rain --300 points

Your team playing the “drums” --300 points

Your team singing a verse from a popular song --300 points

Photo List:

Your team in a group photo --100 points

All team members striking their best yoga pose! —100 points

Spell a word with 3 letters --200 points

Capture your reflections in an unexpected place—200 points

Make yourselves appear really small—200 points

All team members making a crazy/silly face —200 points

Take a picture of scared people watching a meteorite approach! —300 points

Take a picture of scared people watching a meteorite approach! —300 points

All team members sitting in one chair --300 points

All team members find a book to make a “book face” with.  --400 points

An unusual perspective -- could be everyone's shoes, or the just top of their heads—300 points

Your team jumping in the air (must be off ground)—500 points