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TABS: Guidelines
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Effective Date: 05-01-2023

Just as any business, we have house rules and protocols to ensure everyone gets the most out of their experience. We do our best to maintain a clean, courteous environment no matter the client or audience. The studio is stationed alongside other businesses/tenants so it is important to keep a composed atmosphere & have respect for the studio staff, your instructors and/or fellow business owners.

Studio Rules and Protocols:

By Renting Touch Ah’ Button Studios for any purpose, you agree to follow our house rules.  The renter of the studio should be sure that all other persons using or occupying the studio are also familiar with these rules and follow them. The primary renter will be solely held responsible for the state of the booking.

Please Arrive On Time for your scheduled appointment.

Please Respect the value and integrity of people and property.

Please Respect our business neighbors and keep the sound level down.

Please Understand some studio equipment is only available by request with advance notice.

We Will stick to our reserved time or notify the studio in advance if more time is needed.

We Will Switch Off and Unplug all gear we are using when we are complete.

We Will report damages, problems, and any concerns immediately to the studio personnel.

We Will avoid using large helium-filled balloons and inflatables not provided by TABS.

We Will indemnify and hold harmless the studio owners, building owner or property owner for any legal liability or dispute that arises from our use of the studio or in any related to our use of and presence in the studio.

We Agree to pay any regular and additional expenses incurred by the use of the studio during our rental time.

We Will Not exceed the studio maximum capacity of 6 persons inside the studio at any given time.

We Will Not Eat or Drink in the studio.  All food & beverages must be left in the outdoor waiting area & properly disposed of in the trash bins once finished.

We Will Not touch lighting bulbs with bare hands.

We Will Not smoke inside and/or outside of the studio.

We Will Not break any laws or bring illegal items into the studio.

We Will Not intentionally cut the background paper for any reason.

We Will Not use any equipment we’re not familiar with. We will ask for assistance.

We Will Not browse malicious websites or download unlawful material when using the studio internet.

We Will Not use paint, powders, and liquids that may affect the studio interior and/or electronic equipment.

We Will Not step on background paper with our everyday, outside shoes. If outside shoes are required for a photo session we are prepared to pay for necessary damages or stains left on paper.

We Understand we will incur additional expenses and/or possible banishment from the studio if these rules and protocols are broken.