GoodGym missions

Missions are one-off, time limited, practical help to a member of the community, aged 60+. They are focused on fixing a specific problem, such as clearing an overgrown garden, lifting heavy objects or changing smoke alarm batteries.

The aim of a GoodGym mission is to enable someone to be more safe and independent at home.

Missions criteria

Missions are:

Missions are not:

Who can help on missions?

All runners that would like to get involved in missions to help older adults must:

What to do before you refer

Please discuss the below with the person you would like to refer. If you are not “set up” as a referrer then contact and we can discuss the opportunity to partner with you and your team further.

GoodGym runners are volunteering and running. They are not professional handypeople or tradespeople. GoodGym runners cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs as a result of the task.

To refer to GoodGym you must confirm that the older person:

How to refer

To refer a mission, please go to and login to make a referral. At the time of making the referral you will be able to see a diary with runner availability and you will be asked to select times based on this as well as the availability of the older person. Consent needs to be sought from the older person prior to submitting their details and the request.

You must also select a deadline to hear back from us about whether we have found runners to help.This way you will know in good time if the mission can go ahead.

Please provide as much information as you can on the referral form. If we need more information we will contact you.

We do not pre-call the older person to check the details on your referral form therefore we assume all of the plans are in place for the times and days selected. Runners will be sent an anonymised version of your referral with the details you have provided.

What happens after you have referred

Once we’ve received the above information we will list the mission on our website and wait for runners to sign up by the chosen deadline.

If runners sign up you will be alerted and we will call the older person to confirm a time for the mission. Once we have confirmed we will inform you via email. We will also let you know once the mission is complete, via email.

If no runners sign up by your chosen deadline we will let you know and you can decide whether to revise the times selected and make another request via the website or make alternative arrangements. We do not call the older person to tell them if no runners have been found.

Our Policies

We take safety very seriously and have policies in place to ensure everyone is protected:

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults 

Data Protection & Confidentiality 

Health & Safety Policy

Case Examples

Home from hospital 

Mr S had been in hospital and in order to be discharged needed a new bed, this meant removing his old bed and wardrobe from him room first. Mr S didn't have any family to help him move the old bed out, to make space for his new hospital bed. This meant that Mr S's discharge was being delayed, even though he was ready to come home. Home from hospital got in touch with GoodGym and booked Mr S in for a mission. 2 runners arrived at Mr S's house, dismantled the bed, and left a nice clear room ready for Mr S's discharge and the new bed.

"The runners were great, they just turned up and got on with the job. All I had to do was give them the tools. They were polite, and it all happened so quickly. GoodGym really helped us out, and Mr S is home safely"  Paola

Testimonials from mission referrers

"”Your help is invaluable in helping us plan for discharge, especially when people don't have friends and families who can help. This helps us to plan better discharges and set people up appropriately at home. It fills a gap in services and stops us (and the patient) worrying about how we can move furniture etc.”

Occupational Therapist,

Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, February, 2019 

“On behalf of our @home therapy team, we just wanted to thank GoodGym and your volunteer for the support you have given us, and our patients to ensure we are able to provide care in a timely manner with the every-day barriers we face - particularly those with no friends or family.”

Ruth Tildesley
Specialist Occupational Therapist
@Home Team, Guys and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

Can the trash talk

Mr H had given up drinking, and after a stint in hospital headed home. Mr H had lots and lots of cans clogging up his house, which were causing him to slip and fall over. The British Red Cross referred Mr H to GoodGym with a mission on clearing the cans. Mr H had two GoodGym missions - 5 hours, 6 runners and 100 bin bags later, and Mr H's flat was can-free. A very memorable mission for all involved.

“I feel so positive now, and happy to have my home. I feel so much safer moving around my home now. It was nice to have some visitors.” Mr H

“This must be one of the highest impact and memorable missions for GoodGym for me and it was a pleasure to help. Great work all.”  Patrick, GoodGym runner

“Thank you for all your help it really is massive impact on Harry's life, and got him back on track. He loved the chatting too.”  British Red Cross, Lambeth

It’s clear to see...the end of the garden

Mr C had been referred to GoodGym for a garden clearance, he and his wife used to enjoy sitting out in the garden and imaging they were elsewhere in the world. Since Mr C was diagnosed with terminal cancer he has been unable to maintain the garden, and over the last year it had grown to such a state that neither of them could access their garden to fully enjoy it. After a GoodGym mission we received this feedback;

“I’ve got my garden back now, and without the help of GoodGym I wouldn’t have the spring to look forward to. I really don’t think the volunteers that I had help me realised the impact that they have had on our lives. It is more than just clearing the garden, it is giving me hope, I am now really looking forward, and hoping to sit in the garden in springtime and enjoy the outside.” Mr C

“Your team have done an amazing job, and I can see from the photos the impact it will definitely have on Mr C.  I know this has really made such a big difference to Mr C and he can now finally get out in the garden and can look forward to some good weather in the Spring. Such an incredible job GoodGym does for people...We have spent a long time trying to get the Council to complete the works but due to the expense of it they refused to do the work.” Liz, Macmillan