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Courtyard Rocking Chairs -

Be a part of history!

The Griffin Region College & Career Academy (GRCCA) is creating the opportunity for past, present and future students and families, as well as regional business and industry to become a permanent part of the GRCCA renovation. Leave a lasting impression of a student, instructor, apprentice, business partnership, or other memorable GRCCA connection. The rocking chairs will be placed along the wrap around porch, defining the beautiful courtyard of the building.

Whether you or a family member attended high school, middle school, ninth grade only, or are a part of the GRCCA, this is a great opportunity to forever be a part of this historic building. A special plate will be placed on the back of each chair denoting the sponsor. Each chair is a $200.00 sponsorship.

To order/ please provide the information below. One order form per chair.  You can submit this form along with a check payment to: Griffin Spalding Schools, 216 S 6th Street, Griffin, Georgia 30224. Please include “GRCCA Courtyard Project” in the memo section of the check. If you have any questions, please email:


Address:                                                                 (Please use one form per 

City/State/Zip:                                                         chair order. Attach all forms                

Phone number:                                                         for multi-chair orders with

Date ordered:                                                                 total of chairs and payment

Payment: Check # ________   Credit Card with Paypal ___         on top form.)

All letters will be capitalized unless otherwise noted. Write the message exactly as you wish it to appear. 14 characters per line. Each box represents a character. This includes punctuation and space in between.

*As an added bonus, each chair purchased is 100% tax deductible.