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-- Indie game dev (Unity 3d) / VR, Gamer / Streamer, Voice Acting, Dance, Fashion, Beauty, Art --

Jenni is a long-time lover of games, art, yoga & dance.  She spent years art modeling, fire / hoop dancing for events, and learning aerial arts.  Now focused on learning 3d modeling and game design, using Unity 3d & working with MartianGames.


As a game developer who loves to travel, she & her partner are able to work anywhere they go, using their gaming laptops, by licensing PC games.  They released their 1st VR game in March 2013, and regularly feature upcoming / newly released games, both AAA & indie games, and reviewing / checking out new equipment that we get for the studio.

Jenni streams on Youtube & Twitch quite often & loves interacting with others and those who appreciate games, dev, beauty & fashion.


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