LDCC Ride Guidelines


All members are responsible for bringing forward to the  Ride hosts and/or  Board of Directors any safety issues related to rides and events.

Any member on a ride should immediately advise the ride host(s) and other members of the ride should the member feel the group or individuals in the group are riding in an unsafe manner. The member should withdraw from the ride if they feel unsafe.

All participants of the ride must provide proof of team membership in good standing prior to each ride, if requested by the ride host. Proof of OCA membership may also be accepted by the ride leader or head coach. If an ineligible rider insists on participating even after being asked not to, then the ride may proceed, however, the ride host shall advise the ineligible rider, with a witness present, that he or she is ineligible and is not covered by any  insurance and is responsible for all his/ her actions.

Each participant will conduct themselves in a responsible manner and retains liability for their own actions.

Safety and Equipment

Helmets must be worn at all times during club on bike activities. They should be regularly inspected to ensure they are in good working order.

Aerobars, headphones and earphones are not allowed on group rides. Certain training rides or races may require the use of aerobars.

Other protective gear is strongly encouraged ( e.g. gloves, eyewear and sunscreen)

Tires, brakepads, cables and brakes should be regularly serviced to ensure they are in good working order.

Ride hosts

A ride host will be appointed by a LDCC exec for each ride in advance of the ride leaving the initial meeting point. The ride host will identify himself/herself to the group so that everyone is aware of who is coordinating the ride. The ride host may describe the general ride route, and may provide a brief safety tip at the commencement of the ride.

The ride host has the final decision on all matters pertaining to the ride and his/her decisions must be respected by all participants. The rider host may appoint a designate should the ride host be unable to attend or should the group split up on the road or trail.

Ride hosts will carry cell phones for emergency use on all rides and, from time to time, will remind riders to carry their own cell phones. Riders should immediately call 911 in the event of an emergency.


Rides on roads will be planned to use lesser- traveled roads wherever possible and practical. Routes with bike lanes in the city are preferred.

When a large number of riders come out for any given  ride, the riders will be encouraged by the ride host to break into smaller groups. A size of 10-12 is a reasonable group. Groups should be at least 150 meters apart on the road to allow other vehicles to pass safely in two maneuvers.

Ride Levels are indicated on our website and in the description of the ride posted online and in email. Members are expected to be able to reasonably meet the ride standard. Ride hosts will be happy to discuss concerns and ensure everyone has a good experience.

On social or designated no-drop rides, riders must not be left behind during the ride unless they first confirm with the ride host that they are detaching from the group; all members of the ride are responsible for ensuring they properly notify the ride host if they are detaching from the group.

Riders are responsible for ensuring that their bicycle is in good working order before attending.

Front and rear lights are strongly recommended for all road rides and are mandatory at Dusk and after Sunset

While trail riding all riders must be courteous and considerate of other trail users and the trail system.

Members are responsible for bringing sufficient liquids and food, as required, for each ride, as well as appropriate tools/ spare tubes, etc.

Riders will ride in single file under normal circumstances unless directed by the ride leader.

Typical Hand Signals will be used for:

LDCC does not typically holler signals unless it is unsafe to remove hands from the bars.  

The ride leader will direct riders to ride at most “two up” during the following circumstances.

Off Road rides will avoid trails that are muddy and where riding will increase damage to the trail.

Off Road rides will be canceled following rain depending on the condition of the trails and local knowledge on when the trail will recover from the weather.

On Road and Off Road rides will have a designated endpoint. Ride Hosts are responsible to ensure that everyone arrives at the ride end unless they have previously detached from the group.

Rules of the Road are to be respected. Ride hosts will ask riders to leave a ride if they continue to violate the highway traffic act.  

Respect other road users.  All LDCC members are expected to abide by the the Code of Conduct for the club and treat each other and other road users with respect.

Ride Cancellation

Rides are cancelled under the following conditions:

Accidents/ Incidents

Any and every accident on a team ride shall be immediately reported to to the ride host and to be reported to the LDCC and Provincial Cycling Association through the online form provided by the club. Ride Leaders will take responsibility for documenting any accidents, collecting relevant information and submitting an OCA Accident Report to the Club for review and submission to the OCA


Ride hosts will report on the attendance of their ride through the online form provided by the club after the ride concludes.