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Sunday, February 11 2018
15:00 - 16:30 CET

Book presentation by author

Gisela Batliner, Germany

 „Supporting the development of a hearing-impaired child during playtime”

A parent book about speech and language therapy

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The author Gisela Batliner

Gisela Batliner, MA, clinical linguist and SLP, holds an international Montessori diploma and has 20+ years of experience in early intervention and diagnostics of children with hearing loss and multiple impairments. She teaches extensively in pedagogy and qualification enhancement, provides mentorship and publishes articles and books. Therapy strand: natural auditory oral education (Morag Clark).

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About this book and presentation

The book ‘Supporting the development of a hearing-impaired child during playtime’ is clear, fun, inventive yet deeply motivated by cutting-edge pedagogical science and an approach to rehabilitation that reads: ‘Don’t manage the rehabilitation process single-handedly - give parents the competence and the confidence to be leaders and co-managers on the journey. And let the child develop and learn language in the way they best know how - while playing’.
After enjoying years of success and seven editions in Germany, the book was brought onto the Russian-language market by publisher Art Economy.

On the occasion of this edition, we are holding a webinar to present the book and to give you an opportunity to meet the author, who is one of the most influential SLPs in Germany.

During the meeting you will:

  • discover the content of the book
  • hear some excerpts from it
  • get the opportunity to discuss and ask questions

Value of the book for parents

The concept of G. Batliner recognizes the key role that parents play in their child’s development; in this book, they get the ultimate guide to excel in that role. After an introduction focusing on the practical sides of dealing with a newly recognized hearing loss, the book describes hundreds of ways to incorporate listening and spoken language into daily routine, primarily via children’s favorite pastime - games.

Value of the book for experts

SLPs today face growing time pressure and ever increasing expectations regarding rehabilitation outcomes. In this book, they will not only get the tools to hone their own approaches, but will also find a guideline for making the parents co-creators in their rehabilitation strategy.

Author and presenter

Gisela Batliner



Monika Lehnhardt-Goriany

Translation en-ru-de

Anastasia Flanagan

Translation de-ru

Liubov Wolowik