Hammonton Green Committee Minutes - July 2017
Monthly Meeting - Hammonton Town Hall

Green Committee Members:

X Jeanette DePiero  X  Mica McCullough X  Amy Menzel    X Linda Esposito     Kerri Patton    

X  Sara Verrillo   __Courtney Volpe

Friends of the Green Committee & Guests: Patrick McDevitt (Sustainable Monroe Township)

  1. Food Truck Festival recycling recap: well-received, great effort to encourage recycling, if asked by Cassie next year we will probably do again. Thanks to everyone who helped!
  2. Events and Projects:



Sustainable Monroe Township

  • SJ Community Garden Tour
  • Williamstown → Hammonton → Gibbsboro → Woodbury→ Williamstown
  • Hammonton garden volunteers (including Mica, Charley) will be at the HCG around 8:30 am. Other volunteers are welcome

Patrick McDevitt, SJG

  • New Sustainable Jersey actions can be accomplished through SJ Gas direct install program
  • Is this something we can encourage the town to do for municipal buildings?
  • Patrick will follow up with SJ Gas for GReen Day presence
  • Sustainable Monroe Township’s Green Day is Sept. 30.

Green Day

  • Officially moved to the Lake Park
  • Website updated/ vendor forms emailed. 5 responses so far
  • Sara V. will do flyer/ Facebook event
  • Dan will find out about incorporating canoe activities
  • Amy will get the visual bottle representation from Brigantine
  • Mother’s Club will run costume swap
  • Jeanette will talk with Arts Center re: plein air competition
  • Arts Center will do a CD-dreamcatcher workshop. Please be collecting beads, CDs, yarn, feathers, etc. for this workshop
  • Workshops will run all day

Paint Waste Bins for Public Works

  • Jeanette, Amy & Linda will paint the bins then set a date to embellish them in the future with student volunteers         

Eye Opening Film and Lecture Series

  • No word from Stockton on available dates or from speaker.

Green Business Recognition Program

  • Set up dates with Mazza’s & Pistone’s Auto Repair for Recognition
  • Set up meeting to explain program with Chamber  
  • Send another press release to Gazette (SV)
  • Green Businesses will be invited to Green Day & recognized

Adopt a Road Cleanups

  • Waiting until fall to set another date
  • Host an Adopt-A-Road table at Green Day
  • For town roads, contact Dan. For county roads, contact Amy/ACUA

Buy Local Program

  • Mia Lane Design ? Kerri to follow up

Reusable Bag Handouts

  • No actions planned at this time.

Student Representative & Scholarship Program

  • Develop scholarship requirements for 2018 year (Kerri)


Sustainable Jersey/Sustainable Jersey for Schools

  • Linda will give update


3. Garden Update - small amount of plots left

4. Other: ACUA Clean Communities Dinner will be held Wednesday at 6 p.m. -  Egg Harbor City creating a summer garden camp for kids at Peace Pilgrim Park