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209.1.  HEAD LICE

1.        Purpose

The Board is committed to maintaining a healthy environment for students and staff. To fulfill that commitment, the Board establishes this policy to provide guidelines for the prevention and control of head lice in students.

2.        Guidelines

At any time during the school year, the school nurse may examine a student for head lice. If nits or lice are identified the following procedures shall be implemented:

  1. The student will be isolated from classmates and excluded from school until treatment is concluded.

  1. The parent/guardian will be immediately contacted to pick up the student. The student will not be permitted to ride the bus home.

  1. The school nurse will provide information to the parent/guardian regarding treatment.

  1. The school nurse will examine the student's siblings and other close contacts.


After treatment has been completed and all head lice and nits have been removed from the head, the following procedures shall be implemented:

  1. The student shall not attend classes or ride the bus until examined by the school nurse.

  1. After contacting the school nurse for an appointment, the parent/guardian shall accompany the student to school.

  1. If upon examination the student is found to have head lice or nits, the student will be denied admission.

  1. After the student has been cleared to return to classes, the nurse will continue to check for head lice or nits because of the risk of reinfestation. The student will be checked as often as deemed necessary by the nurse.

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