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1.        Purpose

 2.  Authority

      SC 510, 1108,


      Title 22

      Sec. 19.1

3.  Delegation of


4.  Guidelines

      SC 1108, 1123

      Title 22

      Sec. 19.1

      SC 1123

Evaluation is a continuing process in which the administrative, professional and support employees and the respective supervisors cooperatively identify strengths and weaknesses in an individual's job performance. Employee evaluations shall be used to assess and improve performance, encourage professional growth, promote positive behavior, and facilitate attainment of district goals and objectives.

The Board shall approve plans for regular, periodic evaluations of administrative, professional and support employees consistent with applicable administrative compensation plans, individual contracts, collective bargaining agreements, Board resolutions and state law and regulations.

The Board shall be informed periodically about the results of evaluations.

The Superintendent or designee shall develop plans for the evaluation of district employees to be submitted for Board approval.

The Board authorizes the Superintendent to develop a Differentiated Supervision model for professional employees in accordance with the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s guidelines and in consultation with assistant administrators, supervisors and/or principals.

The Superintendent shall ensure that evaluation plans are reviewed periodically and updated as necessary.

Evaluations shall be performed by the Superintendent or by an assistant administrator, supervisor, or principal who has supervision over the work of the employee being evaluated and is designated by the Superintendent to perform the evaluation.

The evaluation plan for professional employees and temporary professional employees shall utilize the appropriate state-approved rating form or an alternative rating tool approved by the Board and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Professional employees are required to be evaluated at least once each year.

Temporary professional employees shall be evaluated by an appropriate supervisor and notified of individual progress and status at least twice each year.

Professional employees and temporary professional employees shall receive an overall performance rating of one (1) of the following:

  1.  Distinguished – shall be considered satisfactory.

  1. Proficient – shall be considered satisfactory.

  1. Needs Improvement – shall be considered satisfactory, except that any subsequent overall rating of “needs improvement” issues by the district within ten (10) years of the first overall rating of “needs improvement” where the employee is in the same certification shall be considered unsatisfactory.

  1. Failing – shall be considered unsatisfactory.

No professional employee or temporary professional employee shall be rated “needs improvement” or “failing” solely based upon student test scores.

No unsatisfactory rating shall be valid unless approved by the Superintendent.

A signed copy of the rating form shall be provided to the employee.

Professional employees and temporary professional employees who receive an overall performance rating of “needs improvement” or “failing” shall participate in a Performance Improvement Plan.


School Code – 24 P.S. Sec. 510, 1108, 1122, 1123

State Board of Education Regulations – 22 PA Code Sec. 19.1 et seq.

Board Policy - 000

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