Disconsin Disc Golf Club
Board Meeting Minutes

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Present: Nick Bauer, Andrew Denman, Scotty Cummens, Will Erickson, Andrew Stuebs

Absent: Eric Huffman

Time: Sunday, Apr.  7th 2019 (10:37am – 12:10am)

Called to order by: Nick Bauer Seconded by: Andrew Denman

2018 Review:

Past Considerations:

Pending Board Considerations:

2019 Schedule of Events: (Attachment 1)


Estimated 2nd Quarter Budget: (Attachment 2)

$300 – Momma Cummens (of total $1200 owed)

$212.35 – Bag Tag Order #2 (40 more tags)


$512.35 budget proposal: 2nd Qtr 2019

$200 – Owed to Gretchen from Dirty Birdie

Was approved in Qtr 1, still needs to be paid