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The time has come…

After years of discussion, we have decided to return to the good old days of The Druidstone Club. The reasoning behind this is much the same as when Jane and Rod made that same choice, back in the Dark Ages – it’s about wanting to make sure that we look after the people who are the heart of this place. The Dru Crew.


Who are the Dru Crew? They are the friends who come to stay annually for the same dates, same cottages, same rooms; the local friends who support us throughout the year; our staff both past and present; the musicians, actors and artists who have performed and exhibited here over the years. The Dru Crew is the extended family who have recognised something within this place that speaks to them as a home away from home. We have been increasingly anxious over the last years that we are not striking the right balance between our residents and loyal locals versus the passing trade, temporary campsite and holiday cottage visitors. Rolling out Club membership again allows us to give priority to Crew.


All members are welcome to come for a drink, a bar meal, a sunset, a chat, whatever and may bring guests with them. They will have proper credit card style membership cards and badges for cars so they can use our car park for beach access. We have a Druidstone app to let people access that holiday feeling from far away, throughout the year, to share their photographs and so forth. Whilst the rules on social distancing remain in place, the app will allow members to check whether The Dru has capacity to welcome them before they leave home. Members will have priority booking opportunities (at the discretion of Da Management, naturally) on feasts, events, bar tab whatever. Those members who go the extra mile will have access to offers on accommodation, wine. The Druidstone Good Times newsletter will be resurrected for a new generation, in new formats. Sorry about that – just means Beth can mither you at her will.

Non-members: The Druidstone reserves the right to serve non-members. Non-members will still be able to book a table in the restaurant, though very limited, when there is availability. Non-members will still be able to book tickets for events. Non-members will not be able to use our car park, the bar, the terrace, the grounds or be able to order drinks or food.

Druidstone: membership at £200 annually.

Unless: we know there are people who really love this place but for whom £200 annually just will not be possible. We don’t want to price people out of The Druidstone. So talk to Angus and Beth.


To be accepted as a member of The Druidstone Good Times should be seen as a serious achievement – you have been recognised as Crew. No idiotic Masonic mysteries, no pathetic initiation ceremonies, inclusive rather than exclusive in spirit whilst still mainly excluding non-members…somewhat contradictory and yet so true.

To apply for membership the membership application form must be completed both completely and competently. Ideally we wish to be entertained and informed.

The Club will keep your details private in strict accordance with data protection procedures. We absolutely guarantee that we will not share any of your details with third parties offering services that you might find interesting. You know your interests and we do not presume to make those choices for you. However, you are permitted to share our details. It’s not Fight Club (you know – “the first rule of Fight Club is…”).

Full terms and conditions for Club membership can be found if you read on. It’s all quite obvious – be lovely, relax, keep your membership up to date without too much nagging and enjoy yourselves.

Terms and Conditions:

In order to preserve the unique Druidstone atmosphere members are required to adhere to the terms and conditions and to our standards of conduct as detailed here.

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