19-20 OCTOBER 2018



Registration Desk Open 1:30-5

FRIDAY 2-3:15

Session 1

World Literature: Texts, Identity, Politics

Area Chair: Susan Gorman, MCPHS University

Rebecca Trumino, St. John's University

World Literature as a Multidisciplinary Course

Mohamed Ali Ben Chaker, Université de 20 Août Skikda

Reading Ernest Hemingway in Algeria

Khaled Ghazel, University of St. Andrews

Religion and Violence in Rabih Alameddine’s Koolaids

Lara Kattekola, LaGuardia Community College, CUNY

Migrations of Self-Discovery in "The Namesake”

Session 2

Frankenstein 1818 to 2018: 200 Years of Mad Scientists and Monsters I

Session Chair: Saraliza Anzaldua, University of California, Los Angeles

Savanna Batson, University of Texas at Tyler

Embedded Narratives and Responsible Creativity in Frankenstein

Daniel Shank Cruz, Utica College

Frankenstein: A Personal History

James Osborne, College of Saint Rose

Looking at Frankenstein: Ten Filmmakers Capture the Monster

Heeyeon Kim, Yonsei University

Mary Shelley's Hoarded Storytellers and Monstrous Libraries in Jorge Luis Borges' "The Library of Babel" (1941), Danilo Kis' "The Encyclopedia of the Dead" (1989), and Italo Calvino's "World Memory" (1992)

Session 3

Film and History I: Film Characters

Area Chair: Carol Mitchell, Springfield College

William Price, Independent Scholar

Purifying The Fifth Element

Laura Beadling, Youngstown State University

Voice-Over Narration in Randy Redroad’s The Doe Boy (2001)

Jayasmita Dutta Roy, University of Delhi

Eviscerating Patriarchy (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof)

Session 4


Area Chair: Dennis Gildea, Springfield College

Jason Burke Murphy, Elms College

If It Is A Beautiful Game, Why Are You So Ugly?

Linda K. Fuller, Worcester State University Emerita

Martina as the Mother of Social Protest in Sport

Laurie Dahlin, Worcester State University

The Unethical World of Baseball

Jessica Williams, SUNY College at Old Westbury

Disability & Hypersexuality in Murderball

Session 5

Politics, Civic Life, and Popular Culture I

Session Chair:

Giacomo Calabria, Humanities New York

A Machiavellian Discourse on Game of Thrones

Mackenzie Donovan, Keene State University

Transmedia Storytelling in Journalism

Brian Snee, Manhattanville College

Lincoln vs. Hitler: The Hollywood Biopic as WWII Propaganda

Session 6

Race and Ethnicity I

Area Chair: Don Gagnon, Western Connecticut State University

Sandra Riano, Nassau Community College

Latina Persistence in Jane the Virgin

Colby Miyose, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Consciousness Raising and Cultural Reclamation the New Disney?

Shu Wan, University of Iowa

Disability and Chinese Immigrants in California

Francisco Vivoni, Worcester State University

Cycling as Critical Spatial Tactic: Youth, Race, and Public Space in Worcester, MA

Session 7

Digital Media and Gaming Culture

Area Chair: Jeff Cain, Sacred Heart University

Shelly Jones, SUNY Delhi

Simulating Ableism: The Sims and Disability Representation

Adam Crowley, Husson University

Play to Not Pay: Wealth Fantasies in Early Video Games

Hayley McCullough, Rensselaer Polytechnic University

Surviving Until Dawn: A Gendered Case Study

Felicitas Baruch, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Distant Culture, Universal Romance: Unraveling Asian Dramas

Session 8

Women Warriors and Popular Culture: Representations Across Space and Time I

Sponsored by the Association for the Advancement of Scholarship and Teaching of the Medieval in Popular Culture

Session Chair: June-Ann Greeley, Sacred Heart University

Scott Manning, American Military University

Joan of Arc’s Siege Arsenal in Cecil B. DeMille’s Joan the Woman (1916)

Anna McGill, Louisiana State University

Stranger Weeping: Considering Margery Kempe Through Eleven in Stranger Things

Chelsea Gibson, Binghamton University -- SUNY

Red Widows and Nihilist Queens: Russian Women in the American Imagination

FRIDAY 3:30-4:45

Session 9


Area Chair: Adam Crowley, Husson College

Susan Gorman, MCPHS University

The Penelopiad’s Maids as Pop Culture Shape-Shifters

Matthew Jones, County College of Morris

Convergence, Divergence, and Departure in Through the Woods

Anthony Nairn, University of Toronto

The Grand Scientific Narrative to Enchant the Secular West

Paul Bachand, Binghamton University -- SUNY

Rising Temps/Rising Tides: American War in Anthropocene

Session 10

Frankenstein 1818 to 2018: 200 Years of Mad Scientists and Monsters II

Session Chair: Marty Norden, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Claudia Schafer and Raúl Rodrieguez-Hernández, University of Rochester

Mary Shelley's Monster Goes South: Masculinity, Male Gaze, Mexican Film in Rafael Baledón's Orlak, the Hell of Frankenstein (1960)

Matt Grinder, Union Institute and University

Frankenstein and Transatlantic Monster Making in Robert J. Meyer's The Cross of Frankenstein (1975)

Faye Ringel, U.S. Coast Guard Academy Emerita

New Adam, New Eve: the Brides of Frankenstein in Theodore Rozak's Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein (1986) and John Kessel's Pride and Prometheus (2018)

Saraliza Anzaldua, University of California, Los Angeles

Frankenstein's Justine Moritz and the Female Body as Philosophy's Monster in Frankenstein (1818) and Theodora Goss' The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter (2017)

Session 11

Film and History II: Philosophy in Horror Films

Session Chair: Jacqueline Morrill, Worcester State University

Victoria Donarumo, Worcester State University

Sexuality in Horror Films

Victoria Hallas, Worcester State University

Existentialism in Horror Films

Caitlin Lamonda, Worcester State University

Trauma in Horror Films

Session 12

Dance and Popular Culture

Area Chair: Mark Broomfield, SUNY Genesco

Jessica Hautch, Stony Brook University

Tron Dancing: Glitch Aesthetics in Embodied Posthumanism

Adrienne Hawkins, Independent Scholar

How Popular Dance Has Influenced the Concert Dance Stage

Kieron Sargeant, Florida State University

"Mourning" Ritual Performance of the Spiritual Baptist Faith

Session 13

Politics, Civic Life, and Popular Culture II
Session Chair: Mark Satta, Harvard Law School

MaryAnne Borrelli, Connecticut College

Presidential Marriages in the Movies

Mark Nimkoff, Westfield State University

Student Journalism as Digital Civics

David Moore, Loyola University New Orleans

The Monuments Shall Rise Again! Alternative Histories of the Civil War

Session 14

Race and Ethnicity II

Session Chair: Francisco Vivoni, Worcester State University

Kalyn McCall, Harvard University

“Ask me who I Am”: Liberation and Kin in The Black Panther

Shun Man Emily Chow, University of Hong Kong

African Superman: Representations of Blackness in Fei Zhou Chao Ren

Melinda Mills, Castleton State University

Bruno Mars: Remixing Race and Music?

Session 15

History and Uses of the Past

Session Chair: Bruce Cohen, Worcester State University Emeritus

Darren Barry, Independent Scholar

African American Historical Pageantry in the Progressive Era

Allison Merrill, Yale Divinity School and Institute of Sacred Music

Reinstating Orpah and Remembering Ruth

Rodeeia Carson, George Washington University

Who's Coping and Who's Copping with a Seat at the Table

Session 16

Women Warriors and Popular Culture: Representations Across Space and Time II

Sponsored by the Association for the Advancement of Scholarship and Teaching of the Medieval in Popular Culture

Session Chair: Cheryl Hunter, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Jennifer Jodell, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Cyborgian Versus Comic Skin: The Fires of Joan of Arc in C.L. Moore's "No Woman Born" (1944) and Lidia Yuknavitch's The Book of Joan: A Novel (2017)

Dor Yaccobi, Tel Aviv University

The Song of the Valkyries: Warrior Women in Recent Film

Peter Cullen Bryan, Pennsylvania State University

"If I Am to Die Tonight, Let me Die a Fighter": Gail Simone's Reconstructing of Red Sonja

Erin Lafond, Boston College

Correcting Wonder Woman: The Power of Patty Jenkins

FRIDAY 5:15-6:15

Opening Reception

FRIDAY 6:15-7:15

Keynote Address

Dr. Matthias Waschek, Director of the Worcester Art Museum


Registration Desk Open 7:45-2


Session 17

American Literature and Fiction

Area Chair: Mark Madigan, Nazareth College

Stacy Maddern, University of Hartford

John Steinbeck: The Proletariat and Phalanx Theory

Cheryl Carithers, Texas Christian University

Hear Their Battle Cries: Female Soldiers in Modern Fiction

Mark Satta, Harvard Law School

Knowledge, Error, and Intuition in Lev Grossman's Magicians

Session 18

The Fantastic I: Deciphering Disney: Heroes and Villains in Fantastic Films of the Walt Disney Company

Session Chair: Amie Doughty, SUNY Oneonta

Michael A Torregrossa, Independent Scholar

Merlin Knows Best: Patterns of Masculine Identity in Disney's Animated Fantasies

Claudia Lisa Moeller, Istituto alti Studi Strategici e Politici

Jack Skellington, A Romantic Hero

June-Ann Greeley, Sacred Heart University

Girls Who are BRAVE: Young Women Warriors of the Spiritual Realm

Kellie Deys, Nichols College

Horror in Disney: Mob Mentality and Ideology in Beauty and the Beast (1991) and The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

Session 19

Music I

Area Chair: Scott Manning, American Military University

Aaron Keebaugh, North Shore Community College

John Powell's "Rhapsodie Nègre" as Propaganda

Laura Hayden, Western Connecticut State University

Song to Marjorie: Woody Guthrie's Muse and Life Companion

Mark DeStephano, Saint Peter's University

RM and American Rap: Perilous Intercultural Communication

Terry Hamblin, SUNY Delhi

Introducing the Beatles:  The Fab Four and Teen Culture

SATURDAY 9:30-10:45

Session 20

War, Peace, and Culture I: The Stuff of War: Material, Monuments, Mortality

Session Chair: Linda Hixon, Worcester State University

Maryanne Hammond, Worcester State University

Close to Home: Finding My Grandfather in the Spanish-American War

Ahenebah N. Lane, Worcester State University

War Letters: Not Just a Text Message

Zachary Washburn, Worcester State University

Memories in Stone: Remembering War in Worcester

Session 21

The Fantastic II: Heroes Reborn: New Models of Heroism in Fantastic Fiction

Session Chair: Sharon Yang, Worcester State University

Nova Seals, Salve Regina University

The Librarians, Flynn Carsen, and the Aesthetics of Heroism

Kathleen Healey, Worcester State University

A More Feminine Way of Being: Growth and Aging in Ursula K. LeGuinn's Tehanu (1990) and The Other Wind (2001)

Angela Gustafsson Whyland, Southern New Hampshire University

Decentering Monsterhood: John M. Ford’s The Last Hot Time

Amie Doughty, SUNY Oneonta

Reluctant Royals: Reading Royalty in YA Fantasy

Session 22

Music II

Area Chair: Shawn Driscoll, University of Massachusetts Lowell

William Holly, Arizona State University

The Southern Plains and the Making of Country Music

Jim Sernoe, Midwestern State University

Trends on Billboard's Popular Music Charts, 1960-1969

Laura Ansill, Independent Scholar

Amplifying Satan: A Look into Black Metal’s Great Awakening

Session 23

Comics and Graphic Novels I

Area Chair: Zack Kruze, Michigan State University

Shreya Sethuraman, Independent Scholar

That's the Way to Teach It

Joshua Roeder, Drew University

DC’s Revival: Analyzing the Audience of The New Teen Titans

Joseph Donica, Bronx Community College, CUNY

The Death and Life of Great American Myths

Session 24

Food, Foodways, and Culture I: Food and Identity

Session Chair:

David Downey, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Eating Rituals and Replacement in Hemingway's In Our Time

Lesleigh Cushing, Colgate University

The New Traditional Jewish Cookbook

Susan Brassard, Newbury College

Cooking Pop Culture: Cookbooks as Novelty and Exposition

Nancy VanArsdale, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania

Social Media and Cape Cod and Islands Craft Beer Tourism

Session 25

Television I: Place, Culture, and Technology

Session Chair: Laura Brown, Boston University

Lisa Weckerle, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

AMC’s Breaking Bad and the Myth of the Frontier

Steffen Hantke, Sogang University

Postwar Suburban Gothic in U.S. Popular Culture

Amber Davisson, Keene State College

Ethics and Artificial Intelligence in Black Mirror

Jim Deys, Nichols College

No Mercy: Cobra Kai, 80s Nostalgia, and Flipping the Script

Session 26

Teaching and Popular Culture I

Session Chair: Terrance Riley, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Lance Eaton, Brandeis University

Going Online With a Pop Culture Course

Cari Keebaugh, Northshore Community College

"Choose Your Own Adventure Learning": Radio, Drama, and Games

Johanna Riehm, Manhattanville College

Black Mirror and Social Media "Trolling"

Session 27

Crime in Fact and Fiction: Crime, Corruption, and Conspiracy

Session Chair: Erica Tortolani, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Joe Baumstarck, University of Louisville

Where Is the Foul?

Ariel Ludwig, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Crime Television and the New York City Jails

Tanya Mears, Worcester State University


Jeff Cain, Sacred Heart University

Recent Developments in Ufology

SATURDAY 11-12:15

Session 28

War, Peace, and Culture II: Depictions of War, Real and Imagined

Area Chair: Mark Van Ells, Queensborough Community College

Lexie Santini, Marshall University

Northern Ireland Murals: From the Dirty Protest to the Hunger Strike and the Making of Martyrs

Ruth Johnson, Boston University

Evolving Ideologies: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and War

Erika Briesacher and Alex Briesacher, Worcester State University

Let’s Get Bombed: Symbolism, Trading Cards, and Desert Storm

Aryong Choi-Hantke, Institute of Body and Mind

Transnational and Contextualized Reading of Game of Thrones

Session 29

The Fantastic III: Horrific Spaces

Session Chair: Faye Ringel, U.S. Coast Guard Academy Emerita

Michael J. Bielawa, The Barnum Museum

A Realm for the Reanimated: The Magnificent Nightmare of Dr. Porter and Prof. Poe and Their Attempts to Raise the Dead in Victorian New England

Russell Brickley, Youngstown State University

American Mythology and Mythopoeia: Blackwood and Lovecraft

Heather Flyte, Lehigh University

Childhood as Landscape in The Village of the Damned (1960)

Bryan Hall, St. John's University

Mash-Ups and Moral Philosophy: An Approach towards Combining Ethics and Zombie Studies

Session 30

Film and History III: Film Genre

Session Chair: Randy Laist, Goodwin College

Brian Oakes, Kean University

Seeing The Light of Day:  A Jam Handy Animated Orphan Film

Christian Nelson, MCPHS University

Disney's Moana as a Celebration of Authenticity

Marty Norden, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Advanced Age, Gender, and Horror in The Devil-Doll (1936)

Session 31

Comics and Graphic Novels II

Session Chair: Joshua Roeder, Drew University

Justine Wilson, St. John's University

Poor Dear Sweet Girl: Women's Trauma in the Superhero Genre

David Greenfield, Independent Scholar

Teaching Social Justice with Graphic Novels and Comics

Session 32

Food, Foodways, and Culture II: (Re)Building Relationships Through Food

Session Chair: Lesleigh Cushing, Colgate University

Rachel Snell, University of Maine

Preserving Relationships through Recipes

Sara Lisa Orstavik, University of Gastronomic Sciences

Commensality as Peacebuilding in the Colombian Context

Nia-Raquelle Smith, Independent Scholar

Culinary Lyricism: Exploring Cultural Opportunities in Music

Session 33

Television II: Political Economy and Production

Session Chair: Angela Gustafsson Whyland, Southern New Hampshire University

Laura Brown, Boston University

A Comedy of Errors: NBC's Sitcom Failings in the 1970s

J.D. Swerzenski, University of Massachusetts Amherst

SmartTV: Imagining a More Accessible Form of TV Criticism

Dennis Major, Boston University

The Peacock and the Rings: Olympic Telecasting at NBC

Erica Tortolani, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Adult Swim's Off the Air and Experimental Television

Session 34

Teaching and Popular Culture II

Area Chair: Lance Eaton, Brandeis University

Terrance Riley, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Teaching the Neo-Victorian Spinoff

Denise Osborne, University of Albany, SUNY

Teaching Brazilian Popular Culture in an American Context

Saiyeda Khatun and Amy Neeman, Johnson & Wales University

Exploring Marriage, Gender, Race, and Ethnicity through Film

Session 35

Global Cultures

Session Chair: Priscilla Hobbs, Southern New Hampshire University

Janis Breckenridge, Whitman College

Not Just a Major Motion Picture!: Retelling Bear Story

Jin Kim, College of Saint Rose

The Korean Wave (Hallyu) and Global Identities

Frank A. Salamone, Iona College

Mindfulness in Yoruba Culture

SATURDAY 12:30-1:30

Conference Luncheon


Session 36

War, Peace, and Culture III: To Watch, To Listen, To Read -- Vietnam Through a Popular Culture Prism

Session Chair: Peter Holloran, Worcester State University

Comment: Jerry Lembcke, College of the Holy Cross

Shawn Driscoll, University of Massachusetts Lowell

The Celluloid Split -- Examining the Vietnam Film, Pre-1978

Ted Racicot, Worcester State University

of a Divided Home: Home and Division in Vietnam-Era Music

Alyssa Reynolds, Abby Kellye High School

The War in Print — Exploring Fictional Histories of the Vietnam Conflict

Session 37

The Fantastic IV: Making Monsters

Session Chair: Don Vescio, Worcester State University

Bridgit Keown, Northeastern University

Gender, Trauma, and the Domestic in Exorcism Novels

Megan DeSouza, Independent Scholar

Once Again, The Season of the Witch

Christopher Ketcham, University of Houston Downtown

More Than Human: A Crip Theoretic

Kristine Larsen, Central Connecticut State University

Project Alice: Ultimate Woman Warrior or Frankenstein's Monster in the Resident Evil Film Series?

Session 38

Film and History IV: War Films: Fact or Fiction?

Area Chair: Carol Mitchell, Springfield College

Kenneth Fleming, American University

13 Hours: Inferred Truth and Cinematic History

Robert Niemi, St. Michael's College

Sins Against History: Mel Gibson's War Films

Steve Bare, University of Toledo

"Teaching History with Lightning": The Birth of a Nation

Session 39

Genders, Sex, and Sexuality

Area Chair: Carol-Ann Farkas, MCPHS University

Elizabeth Jumpe, Independent Scholar

Out of the Closet and into a Time Slot

Cheryl Hunter, University of Massachusetts Lowell

The Evolving Role of Male Characters in Film and Media Today

Priscilla Hobbs, Southern New Hampshire University

“If You Wear a Dress and Have an Animal Sidekick, You’re a Princess”: How Disney Re-envisions the Princess Archetype

MaryLynn Saul, Worcester State University

Questioning Gender in LeGuin and TV

Session 40

Food, Foodways, and Culture III: Science, Technology, and Food

Session Chair: David Downey, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Claire Stewart, New York City College of Technology, CUNY

How Do I Look and When Did Betty Crocker Get a Makeover?

Donica O'Malley, Northeastern University

Contradictory Constructions of Orthorexia Online

Session 41

Television III: Feminist Perspectives on Television

Session Chair: Shun Man Emily Chow, University of Hong Kong

Karen Honeycutt, Keene State College

Five Decades of Black Family Sitcoms and the American Dream

Geraldine Wagner, Johnson & Wales University

Feud: Bette and Joan and the Futility of Female Rivalry

Dunya Majeed, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Postfeminism to Popular Feminism: Shifting Sitcom Narratives

Session 42

Teaching and Popular Culture III

Session Chair: Wendy Wagner, Johnson & Wales University

Michelle Ciccione, Christa McAuliffe Charter School

Digital Citizenship 2.0: Beyond Fear Mongering

Charlee Sterling, Goucher College

Reader-Fan-Author: Fanfic in the Writing Studies Classroom

Allison Papini, Bryant University

Frankenstein: The Monster in the Library

Session 43

Health, Psychology, and Popular Culture

Session Chair: Melanie Murphy, Emmanuel College

Martha Gardner, MCPHS University

"Winstons Taste Good": Success of Cigarette Filters, 1954-72

Charles Fox, Worcester State University

C.G. Jung and Alcoholics Anonymous

Stephen Wallace, Independent Scholar

Cultural Discourses/Contexts of Infectious Diseases: Ebola in West Africa

Heather Cosimini, Johnson & Wales University

13 Reasons Why: Fact or Fiction?

SATURDAY 3:15-4:30

Session 44

The Cultural Corset: "Uses" of Women in Popular Culture

Session Chair: MaryLynn Saul, Worcester State University

Helen A. Salkeld, University of Central Oklahoma

Jacqueline Kennedy's Silent Stardom, 1961-1963

Robert Weir, Smith College

Ripples in the Rockpool: Grace O'Malley in Popular Culture

Karen I. Case and Lakshmi Frechette, University of Hartford

Botany and Mothering in the 19th Century

Session 45

The Fantastic V: New Insights into Science Fiction

Session Chair: Kristine Larsen, Central Connecticut State University

Leslie Stratyner, Mississippi University for Women

Daddy Issues: David in Prometheus (2012) and Alien: Covenant (2017)

Meredith James, Eastern Connecticut State University

Indigenous Aliens: Science Fiction and Native America

Ashley Hendricks, American Heritage School

Plugged In: the Modern AI Body from Alice Sheldon's "The Girl Who Was Plugged In" to Westworld

Don Vescio, Worcester State University

Bridging Realities: Time Travel in A Wrinkle in Time

Session 46

Film and History V: Significant Images in Film

Session Chair: Robert Niemi, St. Michael's College

Randy Laist, Goodwin College

Was 9/11 “Like a Movie”?  If So, Which One?

Kraig Larkin, Colby-Sawyer College

The Cigarette and Power in The Marriage of Maria Braun

Jennifer Hackney, Independent Scholar

Seattle Century 21, Preserved in Film

Session 47


Area Chair: Geraldine Wagner, Johnson & Wales University

Lori Seward, Baruch College

Hellzapoppin at 80: An Appreciation

Margaret Tally, SUNY Empire State College

Complicated Rom-Coms: TV's Re-visioning the Romantic Comedy

Andrea Foroughi, Union College

Gender Reversal and Ridicule in Cartoons and Prints of James Buchanan and Jefferson Davis

Russ Pottle, Worcester State University

Dark Humor and Madness in the Coen Brothers’ Fargo and David Lindsey-Abaire’s Wonder of the World

Terri Toles Patkin, Eastern Connecticut State University

Performative Authenticity: The World Poohsticks Championship as Narrative Reproduction

Session 48

Philosophy and Popular Culture

Session Chair: Christian Nelson, MCPHS University

Anthony Cirilla, College of the Ozarks

MediEvil II and the Boethian Philosophy of Power

Billy Wheeler, Sun Yat-Sen University

Truth-Tracking and Knowledge in Virtual Reality

James Brusseau, Pace University

Privacy and Identity in the Time of Big Data

Jill Hernandez, University of Texas San Antonio, and Allie Hernandez, Health Career High School

Gabriel Marcel and The Office: Death of Paper, Death of Self?

Session 49

Television IV: Gender and the Family

Session Chair: Kathleen Healey, Worcester State University

Joshua Pederson, Boston University

Sarah’s Pain: Grief and Alienation in Twin Peaks

J. Scott Oberacker, Johnson & Wales University

Interrogating Marriage, Gender, and Family on The Americans

Dustin Gann, Midland University

Mullet Magic: The Masculine Example of MacGyver

Session 50

Teaching and Popular Culture IV: Politics, Protest, and Pedagogies in Contemporary Music

Session Chair: Elizabeth Bleicher, Ithaca College

Elizabeth Bleicher, Ithaca College

Creating a Student-Centered Course in Popular Culture Studies

Sophia Hadeka, Ithaca College

Contemporary Queer Music: Reading the Sign Systems: Examining Queer Music to Teach Media Literacy

Leighanne Guardino, Ithaca College

Girl in a Country Song: Teaching Genre and Gender Studies through the Lens of Country Music

Abigail Coons, Erin Dubots and Micaela Wilner, Ithaca College

#NeverAgain: Gun Violence Protest in Contemporary Music as Catalyst for Student Activism

Session 51


Area Chair: June-Ann Greeley, Sacred Heart University

Melanie Murphy, Emmanuel College

Belief in the Work of Philip Roth

Pamela Hollander, Worcester State University

Generation X's Middle Age Beliefs in Pop Culture

Andi McClanahan, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania

The Face of the Resistance is a Scientologist?

SATURDAY 4:45-5:45

Northeast Popular Culture Association Board Meeting (open to NEPCA members)