How to record and Edit a podcast

Produce it.

  1. Equipment

  1. Quiet/ soundproofed room - Show image of Mikes  - Soundproofing off
  2. Desk/laptop - show notes

2. Budget option

  1. Phone - to headphones with a mic on to - Anchor app (Free hosting service) Nobody seems to be sure who owns the content when it's on there though.  
  2. Pretty cool call-in feature! You can interview over it. And it saves it.
  3. It has interludes and sound fx, shall we listen to some (Check out swapping tubes, Game, one picks one, the other has to do the introduction to that show)
  4. Cons, I looked, In the terms, it basically says you don’t own it, they can edit it, they can promote their own platform.
  5. Clunky, not pro, can't seem to download
  6. Make a pop shield with tights

3. Mid option -

Rhode straight to USB mic £210 - with stand and pop shield)

4. Software to record into the computer.

  1. Audacity - free sound editor - tutorial - PC and mac
  2. Garage band

5. How to set up the mic to get good sound

  1. Compressor mic needs to be close
  2. Test it a few times and pop it in the computer
  3. Set levels and away you go

6. Record.

Record in chunks to make it easier, redo a chunk, keep energy up and rambling down

Audio mark the start of each chunk, part 2, part 3 take 3, like in the movies

7. Editing

  1. Got to do it, it’s easy if you film in chunks, you’ll know to use the last chunk of each scene
  2. Audacity or Garage band, try to get it as short as you can
  3. Spit our an Mp3 file.
  4. You’ll want to set the bitrate to 64 kbps mono for spoken word podcasts and 128 kbps stereo for podcasts that feature music.

8. Theme music, jingles and breaking the podcast up.

9. Never stop improving, try things

So that's as far as we’re gonna go this episode. Next episode will be the final one in how to make a podcast series. We’ll go over distribution, getting on iTunes, getting listen,  downloads, making trailers etc.