Extreme Networks Innovation Theater

Thursday February 14th


IH72: The Promise of Context and Location Aware Healthcare

This session will address emerging trends in location services technologies in Healthcare and their current and future potential impact on patient care.   It will focus on the types of underlying technologies required as well as design best practices and considerations.

Ali YoussefPrincipal Mobility Architect, Henry Ford Health System

Sponsored by: Intelligent Health Association


IH73: Hospital Asset Inventory Management and Tracking

Improving asset utilization in hospitals is critical. IoT based solutions, using both passive and active RFID, make it possible to do the inventory dramatically faster. They also help to access an asset easily. With the asset tracking capabilities, reports for asset utilization can be generated leading the managers to be more efficient through data-driven management.

Akin Altunbas, CEO, Borda Technology

Sponsored by: Borda Technology 


IH74: Wireless Hospital: Ensuring an Excellent Clinician,  Patient & Guest Experience

PANEL:  Medical devices, clinician devices, instruments, entertainment systems, and an infinite array of IoT devices all share the hospital network. This session shares innovative solutions that have been successfully introduced at medical centers around the world to provide an excellent experience for all users.

Moderator: Devin Akin, Director of Sales Enablement, Extreme Networks

Panelists: Doug McDonald, Manager Network Operations, Mobility and Architecture, Henry Ford Health System

Shawn Jackman Founder and CEO, Clinical Mobility

Sponsored by: Extreme Networks


IH76: Collaborative IoT, 5G, AI Empower Smart Solutions

The healthcare industry is moving fast towards a complete digital environment.  Fawzi Behmann will show key areas where IoT, 5G and AI disruptive technologies will play an integral role in delivering effective healthcare solutions.

Fawzi P Behmann

President, TelNet Management Consulting Inc.

Sponsored by: Intelligent Health Association


IH77: The Intelligent Hospital: From Smart Building Technologies to Connected Medical Devices

IoT is revolutionizing healthcare, inspiring use cases of data-rich personalized analysis of patient health, wireless medical devices that automatically transmit data back to physicians and more. This session introduces a  standardized approach to risk management and IoT devices as an effective risk reduction strategy.  This panel will be moderated by Extreme Networks.

Moderator: Scott Fincher, Extreme Networks

Panelists:  Torkel Thune, University of Oslo

Eric Miller, MBA, CPHIMS,  CISSP Senior Director, Ascension Technologies

David Raftery, Integration Partners

Himanshu Khuran, VP and CTO, Chief Innovation Officer, Honeywell

Sponsored by: Intelligent Health Association


IH79: Location Services, From Good To Great

This talk will cover the foundational elements of a location services program and how to design it so that your health system can get the most out of it.

Ali Youssef

Principal Mobility Architect, Henry Ford Health System

Doug McDonald

Network and Mobility Manager, Henry Ford Health System

Sponsored by: Intelligent Health Association


IH80: Making the Leap from Good to Great with the Use of Real-Time Technologies

Ali Youssef

Principal Mobility Architect, Henry Ford Health System

Mark Rheault

Enterprise Visibility Program Director, Wake Forest Baptist Health

Sponsored by: Intelligent Health Association