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Prepare Your Personal Plate
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Prepare Your Personal Plate


So what is this event? Well, have you ever heard of a Bento Box? It’s a Japanese lunch box filled with iconic Japanese food in it such as rice balls. It’s a fun little reflection of the Japanese kitchen.

Well, this competition is basically the same, but it’s all based on your very own country’s kitchen. Tell us what iconic snacks or dishes you would put onto your country’s Plate!

How to enter?

‘’But entering will be really difficult?’’ I hear you wondering.

Not at all! Let’s follow the simple process you need to go through:

Step 1 - Check out the Google Form link that is displayed in the room

Step 2 - Fill in the questions about your country and/or region

Step 3 - Talk us through what dishes you’ve selected for your Plate!

Step 4 - Provide us with pictures of said dishes

Step 5 - Sit back, relax and wait for the results to come in


This event will start on November 2nd. You’ll have the chance to submit your very own Plate until November 30th.

The results of the competition will pop up in the room around a week later. The final round of voting will be done by the entire room, so after a few extra days of that, the winner will be selected!


Will there be prizes?

The winner of it all will be rewarded with a custom avatar!

Who will be judging us?

An unbiased panel of roomstaff will be voting for the first round of the competition. No worries, blackmailing us won’t have any effect ;]

After that, it’ll be up to you guys! Pick a winner from the creme of the crop, make the best one come out on top! A document will be dropped in the room, letting you guys pick the final winner, so yeah, you really are the final judges.


If you have a question for us regarding the competition, feel free to ask our main hosts #warrdd and @cc.