#314 - The Angry Chicken: “Chaos Be With You”


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Intro:  Welcome to The Angry Chicken!



Dalaran Heist hype machine spins up

 It contains 5 chapters and comes with 9 playable Heroes, 27 Hero Powers, 75 unique bosses.

Where are the balance changes?

Big topic right now is the lack of balance changes. What cards would we like to see get adjusted?


We look at the meta every day. In day one it was Bomb Warrior. We evaluated the population, win-rate, looked at matchups, got anecdotal data on how if feels to play or play against, then played it a bunch at high levels on the ladder ourselves. Then it became Rogue, then Druid, back to Rogue, finally onto a combination of those three classes and Hunter stabilizing at the top in terms of win-rate. All along the way we talk about what changes we would make to any individual class if it got to a point we thought it was necessary. With every deck we do this, even if we're not publicly discussing what we might change. What I can say, and have said in various publications over the last week or two, is that Rogue is the class we're looking the closest at. The reason for that is that even though the best Rogue deck tends to cycle between best and fourth best archetype, it's the class with the least amount of poor matchups. When a deck is 53ish% win rate but has only 1-2 matchups below 50%, there is a high risk of the meta stabilizing around that deck. On the flip side, when you look at a class like Warrior the matchups are a little more varied, with some matchups being around 45% and some around 55%. Polarized matchups get a lot of flack for various reasons, but a great deck having good and bad matchups is a big reason why the meta is able to shift on its own rather than stabilize in one spot.

Of course, it's not all about data. The reason we actually change things is because of how they feel. One of the factors that contributes to how something feels to play against is how long it's been around. For example, even if best deck X felt alright to be the best for a week, players probably won't feel like that if best deck X is still there 2 months later. That's where data comes in. We've been watching gameplay trends in data for 15 sets now and have a pretty good idea what a meta looks like when it's about to see a shift and what a meta looks like when it's completely stabilized. The part where data doesn't help is when we have decks that cast Shudderwock 15 times or have an indestructible Lifestealing weapon. Those changes are based around feel and are what we generally come to places like reddit looking for.

In terms of communication, we first have to get aligned internally. This subreddit finds out what we've decided to do when we get a patch date in place, the official messaging has been written, and it's been translated into all languages. This process usually takes a week or a week + a couple days. This is all to say, once we decide to do a patch, you will all know within about 7 days of the moment we decide.



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Mech Hunter



How does this compare to the fairly impressive secret Hunter that's dominating right now


I played a fair amount of this deck and always found galvanizer to be fairly weak as I often just had too few cards in hand to discount. What are your thoughts on alternative/tech choices?

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Hello Cluckin' Crew!

So this story is less (way less) about winning and losing and more about two people living the meme dream(s).

So I am playing a variant of Milkshake Priest in Wild. My opponent is playing something I had not seen. It is a Dead Man's Hand Warrior with Hakkar and Elise Starseeker (the Golden Monkey one). Essentially, he tries to generate a ton of the Corrupted Blood cards into his deck and then has the "out" of converting them into Legendaries with the Golden Monkey.

Honestly, it probably works really well, except when your opponent steals 3 copies of Elise and starts planning to play the same way. By the end of the game (which we both just stopped trying to kill each other and just tried to play all of our Legendary minions), we have seen 3 Elises, 3 Yoggs, 2 C'Thuns, a Darkness, Aviannas, Baron Geddons and even a Wizzbang. We have swapped decks with each other, stolen cards, all sorts of other nonsense.

The game went 20 rounds of actual competition and then 23 more turns of just pure insanity and watching to see what the other was going to do. This is what I always hope to find in Wild, and tonight, it provided.

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Hello Feral Fowls.

I am very excited about Rise of Shadows and how it plays heavily on nostalgia. Dr boom, Rafaam, Old Gods, etc. I am excited as a lot of eras of hearthstone are being re-visited, which is great for players like me who missed part of it (I joined after Un’goro).

However, I feel like there is a lot of negativity in the community towards the game. "the game is dying" is a common trend since year of the raven and it is getting frustrating. While the game isn't perfect, that negativity towards the game feels toxic, almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy.  

What do you guys think about that communal negativity? And how do you deal with it, if it affects you?


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