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ALttPR Pilot Spoiler Tournament 2021
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Hello everyone and welcome to the first ever ALttPR Pilot Spoiler Tournament!

Sign-ups will open on June 1st, 2021, at this link, and close on June 30th.

You and your teammate need to be members of the ALttPR Spoiler Discord:

The runners will need to have accounts on and ensure their Twitch accounts are connected:

Streaming will be required for all races conducted through racetime. Delay is not required.

Group stage will begin July 1st, 2021.

A tiebreaker week will be held the week of August 16th, 2021.

Brackets will begin August 23rd, 2021.

Finals will be held no later than the week of September 12th, 2021.

This tournament was inspired by the Pilot Spoiler Keysanity mode introduced and run during the ALttPR League so all credit to SirLinkalot for coming up with this mode and the League organizers for introducing this style of play to the community!

Group Stage: July 1st - August 16th

Teams will be divided into groups of four in a round-robin format, and will be matched against each team in their group. Each match will consist of two races, for a total of six races per team.

Saria vs. Mido x2        Mido vs. Fado x2        Fado vs. Mido x2        KiaBro vs. Saria x2

Saria vs. Fado x2        Mido vs. KiaBro x2        Fado vs. KiaBro x2        KiaBro vs. Mido x2

Saria vs. KiaBro x2        Mido vs. Saria x2        Fado vs. Saria x2        KiaBro vs. Fado x2

The top two teams of each group will move on to the bracket stage. If two or more teams within a group have a tied score, they will face off in a single tiebreaker race to determine advancement and seeding.

All group races should be completed within the allotted six weeks.

If it is too difficult to schedule a live race due to the timezones and IRL schedules of the participants, the teams may request to perform an async race audited by an admin.

Any and all races that are incomplete by the August 16th deadline will be marked as losses for the teams involved. If you are having trouble getting a race scheduled, please reach out to an admin.


Group Stage Modes

During groups, the default mode will be Open Keysanity. A team may request to change the mode to Inverted Keysanity or All Dungeons Keysanity for a race, but if their opponents decline the request, the default mode of Open Keysanity shall be rolled.

Tiebreakers: August 16th - August 23rd

If two or more teams in a group have a tied score at the end of six races, a single tiebreaker race will be held. If it’s possible to run this race live, do so, but it is very likely to be run async. All tiebreaker matches must be completed by August 23rd.

Tiebreaker matches will be Open Keysanity by default; the mode may be changed to Inverted Keysanity or All Dungeons Keysanity by unanimous vote of all racers.

Bracket Stage: August 23rd - September 12th

The top two teams of each group will move on to a best-of-one single-elimination bracket.

The default mode of brackets will be Open Keysanity. Teams may choose All Dungeons Keysanity or Inverted Keysanity by unanimous agreement.

Finals: September 12th - 19th

The top two teams of brackets will face each other in a best of three.

The two runner-up teams will face each other in a single race to determine 3rd and 4th.

The default mode of the final matches will be Open Keysanity. Teams may choose All Dungeons Keysanity or Inverted Keysanity by unanimous agreement.

What is a pilot spoiler race?

A pilot spoiler race involves two teams running a ALttPR seed generated by Sahasrahbot in a room. Each team has two people- a runner and a pilot. The pilot has access to the spoiler log and is thus able to read where all 216 items are located. The pilot’s job is to mentally process that information into a route and communicate that to the runner. The runner’s job is to execute that route. Whichever team finishes first wins the race.

Team Structure

Spoiler Log Rules

Mode Commands in Sahasrahbot

Open Keysanity:

Discord: $spoiler keysanity

Racetime: !spoiler keysanity 0

Inverted Keysanity:

        Discord: $spoiler inverted_keys

        Racetime: !spoiler inverted_keys 0

All Dungeons Keysanity:

        Discord: $spoiler adkeys

        Racetime: !spoiler adkeys 0

Race Workflow

Reporting Results

The winner of the race will post the results in the #race-results channel within 24 hours of the race. The post should indicate the team names, their finish times, and a link to the raceroom.


Saria vs. Mido, Game 1

1:13:10 - 1:17:32


If the race was completed as an async, the auditing admin will post the results after informing the teams of the outcome.


There are currently no plans for officially restreaming any races on any channels. If individuals wish to run restreams on their channels, whether done live or with post-race vods, they must get the permission of all participants and handle all volunteer recruitment themselves.

A live restream must not interfere with the participants’ scheduling or prevent a race from getting started on time.

Race Ruleset

Racers are expected to abide by the competitive ruleset as established by the Racing Council. Allegations of cheating should be addressed privately to an admin and *not* publicly.