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Athletic achievement requires a sincere commitment from all stakeholders. The ability to be successful requires effective communication. We work hard to continually improve communication between all stakeholders [players, parents, coaches and administrators]. This communication guide provides a framework for healthy communication.

Things to remember:

It is reasonable, as a parent, to expect your student-athletes coach to communicate the following: 

Appropriate issues to talk to coaches about:  

Inappropriate issues to talk to coaches about:

Coaches often need parents to tell them:

Email: It is preferable that email be used as a tool for information sharing and not conversation. Often times, tone and meaning can be misunderstood in an email It is our goal to have clear, effective and meaningful communication between all stakeholders.

If you have a concern to discuss, we would like you to…  

Step #1 =   encourage your son/daughter to resolve his/her conflict with the coach; intervention by a parent should be a last resort;

Step #2  =  make an appointment with the coach to discuss the concern; please do not attempt to confront a coach before, during or immediately following a contest – this can be a busy and emotional time for both the parent and  

the coach and does not promote objective analysis of the situation;

Step #3 =  what should a parent do if the meeting with the coach does not result in a satisfactory resolution to the issue? Inform the Coach that you would like to continue the conversation with the Athletic Director and Coach present and the Coach will set-up a mutually agreeable time. This meeting will include all participants (student-athlete, parents, coach, Athletic Director, and others as deemed appropriate)

Failure to follow this protocol may result in an untimely response.

Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions, please contact the Athletic Director at 207-854-0810.