Request for Proposal (RFP) to Host the USA PATRIOTS

1)     Introduction/Event Purpose

a)     The USA Patriots, formerly known as the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team, is a 501(c)(3) public charity whose mission is to bring athletic and like-minded veteran amputees together to promote the benefits of inclusive sport and therapeutic recreational activities, to inspire and motivate communities of people, to support children with physical challenges, and to operate as a vehicle that offers national opportunities for continued service to our country. The team is comprised of competitive, athletic veterans who have lost limbs in combat and non-combat related accidents. Some are still in the service; others are attending college thanks to the Post-9/11 GI Bill while others have moved on to new careers. We now travel the country playing able-bodied teams in competitive and exhibition softball games, bringing our special brand of softball, courage, and inspiration. Organizations such as MLB Network have noted the journey we are on. If you haven’t seen it, here is a link:

2)     Event Background

a)     The team travels the country 12 months of the year in an effort to play exhibition and competitive events. Events are an opportunity for our players to participate in athletics, engage in communities across the nation they once protected, and to give back in service for our primary service project, out annual Kids Camp.

3)     Projected Goals and Scope of Services

a)         USA Patriots athletes are examples of amputees who continue to push the limits of modern prosthetics. Of course, our dream would be the return of our soldiers from harm’s way without the loss of life or limb. Until such a time, our goal is to support and honor our veterans’ sacrifices, and to show others that life without a limb is limitless.  

Our primary reason for fundraising it to support our annual Kids Camp where we bring in 20 children (between 8-12 years old) with amputations for a week-long camp.  Our team members serve as coaches and mentors for these children. The USA Patriots pays all expenses for the 20 children and one guardian. The video below will show the amazing power of putting Wounded Warrior Amputees on a field with children who are also amputees:

In 2017, we added an Alumni Kids Camp that reunited USA Patriots Players with children who attended one of our previous annual Kids Camps.


Here is a video from the 2017 camp:

4)     Attendee Profile

a)     At your event, our team will arrive with players like Retired Marine, Saul Monroy. Saul spent 8 years serving when he unfortunately rolled over a 180-lb IED in the Middle East where he and his team were all severely injured. Saul endured 16 surgeries and finally was given no option other than amputation. Two years after the loss of his leg, Saul joined the team in an effort to relearn the sport he loves.

5)     Target Dates

a)     While the team travels 12 months of the year, our annual schedule fills up fast! We will work with you to coordinate participating in a preexisting event you would like us to participate in, or we can select a date that works best in considering weather in your area and scheduling of the team.

6)     Timeline

a)     Our annual schedule is announced at the end of our Spring Training, which is held at the end of January. All scheduled appearances must be confirmed by this point.

7)     Accommodation Needs

a)     USA Patriots would like hosting communities to cover the costs for airfare, lodging, meals, and transportation.  We would love to have a community also donate to our organization to help fund our other programs such as our Kids Camp, support of medical research, etc.  

i)       Fees are broken down as follows:

(1)   $2,000 Schedule Fee: Paid at the time of schedule confirmation

(2)   $5,000 Deposit: Paid no later than 60 days prior to your event

This total of $7,000 goes toward the travel cost of the team. After the event, a total travel cost will be given to the event host and should it exceed the $7,000 initial gift, we ask that the difference be donated in an effort for us to cover those costs.

(3)   $5,000 Donation: Paid no later than 30 days post event. This will be a donation toward our annual Kids Camp and covers the cost of one child to attend. Anything over the $5,000 minimum donation will support the team operations and our veterans.

b)     Ground transportation to/from airport to hotel. Vans, buses, or large SUVs are best to ensure enough room for players (14-20 people) and their large equipment bags.

c)      Ground transportation to/from events. Vans, buses, or large SUVs are best to ensure enough room for players (14-20 people) and their large equipment bags.

d)     Hotel accommodations for 10 double bed hotel rooms, USA Patriots will adjust the number of rooms as needed. Please arrange for portable bath seats to be available in players room.

8)     Food and Beverage Requirements

a)     Three meals a day

9)     Reservations Procedures

a)     USA Patriots will books flights at least four weeks out from an event and provide the event host with all incoming and outgoing travel information.

10)  Game Day Needs

a)     Slow pitch softball rules will be followed - Please plan to work with the Head Coach in order to arrange the USA Softball or USSSA style of play depending on the event type.

b)     Please arrange for qualified umpires to be available for the game(s).  These can be sourced from your local slow-pitch chapter of ASA/USA Softball ( For USSSA games, please arrange a qualified umpire through that organization.

c)      The USA Patriots need at least two dozen small towels in the dugout

d)     At least 48 bottles of water/Gatorade/Powerade or jugs of water with cups in the dugout

e)     Light snacks such as protein bars, granola bars, fruit, and crackers are great for days with multiple games

f)       Medical Support (EMT, certified nurse, physician assistant or athletic trainer) and a Prosthetist are encouraged.

g)     Game softballs (Will be shipped to event location in advance by USA Patriots)

h)     Challenge coin for coin flip (Will be provided by the USA Patriots)

i)       A table and chairs for USA Patriots Marketing presence

j)       Sharpies/pens for autographs

k)      Limited access for wheelchairs in dugout

l)       Space for our Merchandise retailer to set up (No other merchandise can be sold if retailer is present)

m)    PA reads (Will be provided by the USA Patriots)

n)     Space for player/media interviews. Media events are encouraged. USA Patriots Players and the Executive Director will be available for phone interviews in the month prior to your event.  Again, the players are very competitive and, in order to fully concentrate on the pending game, players and coaches will be unavailable for interviews 30 minutes prior to the start of the game so that they can practice.  Please understand that these Wounded Warriors have special needs in terms of stretching and ensuring their prosthetics are properly adjusted which takes additional time.  

11)  Destination Management

a)     The USA Patriots are available and encouraged to attend additional events in the area such as meet and greets, recognition dinners, youth sports clinics, gold tournaments, visits to local veterans homes, hospitals etc.

b)     Due to our extensive travel schedules and personal obligations, Saturday or Saturday evening game(s) are recommended since it is sometimes difficult to get players from remote locations to be present in time for the game.  Other team visits on days of travel are fine where 100% participation may not be required.  Most of the team will arrive at an event on Friday evening by 6:00 PM and departures are usually planned on Sunday mornings.  Any requested deviation from this should be coordinated with the Executive Director no later than 6 months prior to the event.  With coordination, 1-2 USA Patriots players may be able to arrive on the Thursday prior to an event to meet with media or event sponsors.

12)  Selection Process

a)     Events will be confirmed for the schedule once the $2,000 deposit has been received. Should another event be interested in your date, you will be given the first right of refusal on that date and will work with the Executive Director to secure that date with the scheduling fee.

13)  Possible Roadblocks

a)     Should an event host not be able to move forward with the event, any donation received up until that point will be considered a donation to the organization. No further funding will be required and your event will be taken off the schedule.

14)  Budget

a)     The Executive Director will provide you with all travel expenses leading up to the event and will provide a final travel cost no later than 1 month post event. The goal is to break even on travel costs and to also fundraise to send one kid to camp, plus the support of our amazing veterans you will see play.

15)  Billing Instructions

a)     The USA Patriots are a 501(c)(3) organization formerly listed as the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team, Inc.  Any donations to the USA Patriots are tax deductible.  Checks must be sent directly to the USA Patriots.  The USA Patriots will send directly to the donor a letter satisfying IRS requirements for tax deductible donations.  The USA Patriots will not send out the acknowledgement letter if it does not receive and deposit the check.

b)     The USA Patriots will not permit another organization to open a “USA Patriots” bank account using the USA Patriots tax payer identification number.  The USA Patriots Executive Director is responsible for all donations to the USA Patriots.  The ED cannot manage funds over which she has no control.

c)      Event coordinators should send all checks directly to USA Patriots.  The USA Patriots tracks all donations by event (put event name in memo section of check).  USA Patriots will use the donated funds from the event to directly pay costs associated with that event. The USA Patriots will not send payment for expenses in excess of donated funds for the event.  Contact USA Patriots Executive Director, Rich Cress at with any questions.

Rich Cress

Executive Director

USA Patriots Amputee Softball Team

P.O. Box 151024 Cape Coral, FL 33915