In order to participate in any SLFSC skating program you must have a current Learn to Skate or USFS membership.  

SLFSC home club membership includes a one time only $30 raffle ticket charge per family – the tickets will be distributed during the first few weeks of regular skating in October.   

We do offer the option of Non-SLFSC members to purchase contract ice/packages with current LTS or USFS memberships.  

*Please note beginning in Fall 2018 we will be using EntryEeze  for skaters to register.  Entry Eeze separates memberships from ice contracts/packages.  Once your membership is selected, you can then add  a skating package.*

Membership Type        


SLFSC USFS Membership

$90 (includes $30 fundraiser fee)

2nd Family Member  USFS Membership         


SLFSC Introductory Membership

(only available if NEVER a U.S. Figure Skating member)

$60 (includes $30  fundraiser fee)

Learn to Skate Membership        

$46 (includes $30 fundraiser fee)

2nd Family Member Learn to Skate Membership




SLFSC USFS Home Club Membership:

SLFSC USFS Introductory Membership:

SLFSC Learn to Skate Membership:

This recreational program of U.S. Figure Skating is designed to serve the needs of both the recreational and competitive skaters. All registered to Learn to Skate students will receive (directly from U.S. Figure Skating), a membership card, a record book with stickers to keep track of the levels they complete, a Learn to Skate member patch, a year patch, information about skating, the Learn to Skate Edition of SKATING, sports accident insurance coverage and the opportunity to participate in exhibitions and Learn to Skate competitions. Both introductory & renewal Learn to Skate memberships are the same price, and cannot have a previous U.S. Figure Skating membership.

Learn to Skate members are NOT eligible for U.S. Figure Skating testing at any level. To be eligible for U.S. Figure Skating testing, please see other membership types.

SLFSC USFS Collegiate Membership:

This is a four-year full membership at a reduced rate for college-aged members.  All skating privileges apply for the four-year duration. Each athlete may receive this option only once during their entire skating career.  Can sign up anytime in college; good for a consecutive four-year period - May only use this option once.  Carries the same privileges as a full member, including subscription to SKATING magazine, and all testing and competition rights.