Alberta Avenue Business Association:  Business Strategy 2017 - 2020

Vision: In 2020, Alberta Avenue District will be recognized as a place where safety, family, and a commitment to nurturing the arts and businesses are essential ingredients in elevating the community.  

Mission: Engage with business members and community groups to enhance the profile of Alberta Avenue District as a shopping destination.


Marketing & Promotion

GOAL: Support and create activities that contribute to commerce and community pride.


  • Communicate a continued awareness of AABA and Alberta Avenue District;
  • Promote our business improvement area as a business and shopping area.

Suggestion of Activities

  • Festival and event support
  • Initiate a Branding committee
  • Marketing and communications plan
  • Social media
  • Determine the target market for Alberta Avenue District

Business Attraction & Retention

GOAL: Engage in business support activities and attract complimentary businesses to contribute to a strong, healthy local economy.


  • Inform commercial property owners about the benefits of City of Edmonton Façade Improvement and Development Incentive grant programs;
  • Attract new businesses consistent with goals.

Suggestion of Activities

  • Offer basic business learning sessions
  • Share information with members regularly
  • Building design guidelines
  • Build advantages of collectively buying goods
  • Engage property owners – increase involvement
  • Showcase architectural features
  • Pop up markets

Organizational Effectiveness

GOAL: Strengthen Board of Directors leadership and increase business engagement in economic development activities.


  • Work in concert with respective authorities to provide a safe and secure business improvement area.

Suggestion of Activities

  • Board governance enhancement
  • Board development opportunities

Local Market Expansion

GOAL: Support activities and advocate for enhancements that increase the customer base.


  • Monitor on a best effort basis, in concert with the City of Edmonton, accessible parking for shoppers.

Suggestion of Activities

  • Loyalty program
  • Streetscape beautification
  • Engage with community organizations