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2020 Membership Form
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California Area Chamber of Commerce

2020 Membership Dues Structure

individuals/churches/non-profit organizations/farm/home business


banks/credit union/savings & loan

$11 per $1,000,000 of deposits

sole proprietorship/small business with 1 - 10 full time employees*


business/corporation with 11 - 25 full time employees*


business/corporation with 26 - 50 full time employees*


business/corporation with 51+ full time employees*


If two or more businesses are owned, the second business pays


professional business - dues per each practicing - attorney, accountant, doctor, dentist, or veterinarian        


* 4 part time (30 hours or less) employees = 1 full time employee

        BUSINESS NAME:  

        CONTACT PERSON:        



        PHONE NUMBER:    


        E-MAIL ADDRESS:        

                           We communicate by email to keep businesses informed.  Please give us an email address.

        AMOUNT ENCLOSED FOR 2020:                                        $_____________________

        ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTION FOR SCHOLARSHIP FUND:        $_____________________

Please return this form to:                                For more information call 573-796-3040

        California Area Chamber of Commerce                Please check the website and let us know if your

        500 S. Oak St., STE A                                        business needs updated:

        California, MO 65018