Indexing on FamilySearch Family Tree

     These two powerpoints deal with how to get started Indexing, and what Indexing does for family history. They link to FamilySearch YouTube Indexing tutorial videos and other items for Stake Indexing Directors, Arbitrators, and beginners. Updated frequently

Downloads are not allowed because I constantly go back to these presentations and update them by adding newest changes to FT, and deleting things that no longer apply. The Family Tree program changes almost weekly in one way or another. Just connect to the internet, and display the presentations from there please. 

1 - Indexing: How to Get Started

   Tutorials, where to find projects, links to articles for youth and others

2 - Indexing: What it Does for Family History

    Powerpoint on how Indexed records adds new people to a family, including spouses, parents, children, and more.