Club Hours –7am-12am (Holidays 7am-10pm) These are the hours that clubs are allowed to occupy the space.


• Have hours of availability on the door

• Have the doors open during the hours of availability.

• Have a sheet on your door with semester events posted on your door. Failure to do so will result in a strike. 3 strikes lead to having clubroom use suspended or revoked. If a club is asked to vacate a room by Public Safety or other administration, they should follow orders and follow up with Teneia Wooten and/or Miesha Smith.

Prohibited items

Trash and debris should be discarded daily and placed outside the room in a sealed garbage bag.

Bedding, sheets, blankets etc. are prohibited - All convertible sofas must be in an upright position at all times.

All electrical appliances must be removed (e.g. hotplates, griddles, etc.) the only approved appliances are a coffee maker, tea kettle, microwave, and/or refrigerator.

Alcohol and drugs are prohibited. If prohibited items are not removed from the club space and/or your room is not cleaned, room access will be suspended for all clubs occupying the space.

Discarding Objects

If you wish to discard furniture or large objects, please submit a work request.

If you are discarding or transferring tagged items, you must complete a Property Control form. The form must be signed by Teneia Wooten or Miesha Smith. If you are disposing of a computer you must e-mail Teneia Wooten at with the HUN Tag# description, manufacturer and model as well as availability for ICIT to pick up the computer. If you are disposing of a computer, the form must be also signed by an ICIT representative.

Work Requests: If you have broken door, floor tiles, encounter rodents/ rodent droppings, etc., please submit a work request.

If you cannot access your club room with swipe access, please e-mail Latysha Mckenzie immediately and go to Public Safety to open the door until the door is fixed. Public Safety will only open the door for you if you are an authorized card/key holder.

Room Security: To maintain security of your room and your room access privileges

Make sure the door is secure when you leave.

Do not tamper with doors.

Refrain from sharing key/cards with others.

Please report lost or stolen keys/cards immediately to

Club Storage Room

TH320 - club storage room available for all clubs.

In order to access it, you must go to USG and have either office staff or an E-Board member accompany you to and from the clubroom.

You will receive a ticket to identify your belongings (your belongings will have a matching ticket) and you are responsible for keeping it safe.

To pick up your belongings, you must go to USG with your ticket and have office staff or an E-Board member accompany you to the club storage room.

** Make sure to review these policies before the Club Walkthroughs, and keep a hard-copy in your club room for all members to follow. ** If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at