Ran Xia

Email: ran.rxia@gmail.com

Aliquam dapibus.

Interdisciplinary Dramatist | Founder of The Arctic Group, a (mostly) theatre collective

thearcticgroup.org             |  ranxia.info

M.A. Media Studies and Professional Communication (Fairleigh Dickinson University)        May 2014

B.A. Psychology: concentration in cognitive functioning and performing arts (FDU)        May 2012







Theatre Critic at Theasy.com and Exeuent Magazine                                                                                          Current

Creative Writing / Interdisciplinary Arts teacher at STArt Osceola                    June – July 2017

Drama / Art Teacher at CYPA (Chen Yin Private Academy), Shanghai, China                    Sep 2015 – Mar 2016

Marketing Intern at MSF (Doctors Without Borders NYC Headquarters)                                               Sept – Dec 2015        

Director / Creator                      Siren (Third installment of Harmony, The Tank)                         March – April 2019

Director                                            The Tallest Man In The World (by Ailis Ni Riain, The Tank)                    March 2019

Resident Director                    The Flea Theater                                                                               June 2018 - Current

Resident Artist                    Access Theater                                                                             Sept. 2018 – Feb. 2019

Playwright                                   Dirt (Part of The Uprooted Series, Wild Project)                              November 2018

Director                                       Independent Study (By Ben Gassman, The Tank)                              November 2018

Art Installation Design               Echo as part of Exquisite Corpse Co.’s Memory House                     July – Sept 2018

Playwright                                   Tao (The Tank, Dark Fest)                                                                     August 2018

Playwright / Sound Design       Echo (Dixon Place & The Tank)                                                         March - April 2018

Lead Producer                           The Arctic Group’s International Fridge Festival at IRT                               Sept 2017

Playwright / Director                 Pomegrenade (IRT)                                                                                                  Sept 2017

Playwright / Designer               HARMONY Project (HERE & Dixon Place)        Jan – Feb 2017

Playwright / Director                 De Profundis (MITF, The Pantry, developed with ECC)                                 Nov. 2016

Playwright                                  The Enchanted Realm of Renee Magritte (ECC)                                    Summer 2016

Playwright                                  Princess Anybody (Dixon Place)                                                                      June 2016

Playwright                                  Word Play (Dixon Place & MITF2016)                                          Nov. 2015 & Mar 2016

Playwright                                  The Invisible of the Sidewalk (MITF short play lab)                                          Oct 2015

Playwright                                  Heavenly Body Move in Space (TBG at Coogan’s)                                     June 2015

Director / Playwright                 [ai] (An Adaptation of Anthem) (Brick Theater / Dixon Place)        May / Aug. 2015

https://youtu.be/RQVD5xbv5JA   |   http://issuu.com/ranxia/docs/programme_ai

Director / Playwright                 Tabula Rasa (Blank Slate)                                                                               June 2015

Director / Playwright                 They Lived in the Attic (Dixon Place)                                                              Feb. 2015

Playwright                                   North (Dir. Paul Bedard, Dixon Place)                                                           Nov. 2014

Assistant Director                       Baby Fat: Act I (Dir. Michael Scholar Jr. Columbia Stages)

Assistant Director                       The Great Leap (By Lauren Yee, Dir. Taibi Magar, Atlantic Theater)         June 2018

Assistant Director                       Two Mile Hollow (By Leah Nanako Winkler, Dir. Morgan Gould, Women’s Project Theater)        

Sound Designer                         Three Sister (Dir. Maggie Cino, Dixon Place)

Sound Designer                         Dutchman (Dir. DeMone, Secret Theatre)

Sound / Co-Director                  In Their Footsteps (IVP, Under St. Marks, Sarah Lawrence, Edinbrough)

Set Designer                               Animals Out of Paper by Rajiv Joseph (YOLO! Productions)  Feb. 2015 

Set Designer                                      February House (by Pat Robinson)  Fringe 2015

Solo Exhibitor     Spiegel Me at Fountains Foundation (Columbia College, Chicago)          Oct 2013

Exhibitor             Dacia Gallery Times Square Art Show        2013

Additional Skills: Microsoft Office; Adobe Create Suite (esp. skilled in PhotoShop); basic html; blog content and layout management. English / Chinese translation and interpretation