Buckingham SHIELD Meeting Minutes

May 7th, 2019

Present: Teresa Pisani, Tim Kruse, Sandy Hess, Lorraine Nitto, Jen Henson, YunAe Mello and

Nadine Van Buskirk

Location: Room 2 at BCMHS

Meeting Type: Normal

Notice of meeting: email

Meeting Called to Order: 7:06pm

Minutes: Tim made motion to approve April’s Board minutes and Sandy seconded, all in favor,

motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

• General Account: $17,506.04

• Athletics Account: $1,793.41

• Sober Grad Night Account: $9,683.29

Old Business:

• Fundraising: Mahalo auction dinner was a success! Finalized profits results are

forthcoming. The estimated net profit is around $7,500. Next year’s Knights Night: is already

in the works we have the date and theme already picked.

o Date: Friday May 1st 2020

o Theme: Knights Night: at the Kentucky Derby

• SHIELD Meeting Speakers: SRO ‘Student Resource Officer’ Jeremy Johnson was unable

to speak at tonight’s meeting on school ‘safety’ as planned. SHIELD hopes to reschedule

him for our first meeting in September.

New Business:

• Scholarships: Recipients of our ‘Community service’ and ‘Academic’

To be announced 5/21 at Awards Ceremony

o 4- $500 Academic Scholarship recipients:

To be announced 5/21 at Awards Ceremony

• High Honors: SHIELD budgets $1,000 every year to purchase pins and letterman letters for

students who are awarded with high honors. This year BCMHS used grant money to

purchase the pins and letters. Budget balance will carry to next school year 2019/2020 High

Honors ceremony.

• Board Member Elections: Buckingham SHIELDS 2019/2020 Board members

o President: Teresa made motion for Tim Kruse to become president, Jen second, all

in favor, motion carried.

o Vice President: Sandy Hess will continue as VP

o Secretary: Teresa made motion for Lorraine Nitto to become secretary, Sandy

seconded, all in favor, motion carried.

o Treasurer: Jen Henson will continue as treasurer

o Member at Large: Teresa made motion for Nadine Van Buskirk to become

member at large, Tim seconded, all in favor, motion carried.

o Member at Large: Tim made motion for Hillarie Bunting to become member at

large, Nadine second, all in favor, motioned carried.

§ President: Tim Kruse

§ Vice President: Sandy Hess

§ Secretary: Lorraine Nitto

§ Treasurer: Jen Henson

§ Member at Large: Nadine Van Buskirk

§ Member at Large: Hillarie Bunting

§ Member at Large: position still available

• Facility Updates and other News:

Ali shared a PowerPoint presentation for 2019/2020

LCAP, these goals are a 3-year goal and were established a year prior to her becoming

BCMHS principal. Ali is asking for more parent input next school year 2019/2020 for 2020-

2023 LCAP. Look for these opportunities to cast your vision for BCMHS.

Next Meeting: September 9th, 2019

Location/Time: Rm 2 at BCMHS 7:00pm

Meeting Adjourned: 8:16pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Nadine Van Buskirk