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Samuel Currid Resume
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Samuel Currid


Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Class of 2023
August 2019 onwards

Computer Science major, with a data science minor. Taken classes on systems and object-oriented programming.

Alameda High School, Alameda CA
Class of 2019 (GPA 3.71)

August 2015 - May 2019

Founding member, Director of Commission, and Secretary of Alameda High’s Esports Club (2 years). Responsibilities include driving member registrations with the National League, creation of team rosters, scheduling and organization of events,  directing and narrating promotional videos for our team, writing press releases for the team’s major national wins, and coaching team members.


High School Esports League (HSEL) — Staff Member

Summer 2018 - Spring 2019

HSEL is a US-based organization with over 1500 international high school teams competing in online e-sport divisions. I volunteer 25 hours per month: my responsibilities are providing customer support in online communities, moderating a chat room with over 7000 participants; providing basic tournament organization for rule clarifications, match disputes, and technical support; working with HSEL staff to develop new projects and features.

Measure B1 School Parcel Tax CampaignBlock Captain

August 2016 - November 2016

Volunteered to manage a pool of several hundred voters, canvassing them in person and by phone, persuading them to vote yes to support funding for Alameda’s public schools, and ensuring they voted by mail or on election day. Measure B1 passed with 74.2% of the vote.


Autoscout:  automatic scouting of Esports teams

Spring 2018

Autoscout is a program I built in Python to automatically scrape team rosters from HSEL’s website, fetch their scores and rankings via REST API, process, and publish to a Google spreadsheet. I shared this with other HSEL teams. HSEL offered an internship in 2017 following this.


Java, C/C++, Python programming.
Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL).
Eclipse, Visual Studio IDEs.

Video production and editing using Sony Vegas, After Effects,  Audacity.

Esport event organization and dispute resolving.

City of Alameda certified CERT volunteer.


College Board AP Scholar with Distinction, 2018

Encinal Yacht Club Outstanding Sportsmanship Award, Summer Sailing Program 2016


Team-based online computer gaming.

18 months participation in FTC and First Robotics teams as a programmer.

Radio-controlled, fixed-wing aircraft construction and flight: flying wing and canard delta wing designs, propeller and ducted fan propulsion.

Recreational single- and dual-handed sailboating: Sunfish, Laser, Club FJ.

Recreational barebow recurve archery (6 years).