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77.16 Artist
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77.16 Artist

549. I just spilled water on my Chromebook.  I think it’s toast.  I will see after it dries out, but there is no sign of life.  And today, I finished putting up a Chromebook store.  Irony.  Then Gary calls and has some business he’s sending my way.  Maybe I can even pay for a new machine.

550. In The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron starts readers off with the morning pages - 3 handwritten pages of stream-of-consciousness bloodletting to clear the mind.  I call them snot pages because you are clearing your head of unneeded junk.  I am moving everything online to my Chromebook.  But as far as getting your mind clear, I think she is still spot on.  I used to be a better writer when I used morning pages.  My method is a daily PDF like this one dated today.  I will keep notes, write posts and articles, and basically build my blogs and websites using this material.  These days, it’s not about spinning but about repurposing.

551. Snot pages are a start to your day, not a finish.  To become the writer I want to be, I will set aside the first 4 hours of each day from when I wake up to hammer out my ideas.  I want to have that sense of great accomplishment and know that I have more work and writing done than most people well before lunchtime.  Out of the 4 hours, I am shooting for 3 hours of actual writing.  The rest of the time will include a shower, shave, and breaks from being on my feet.  I don’t need to eat until the basic work is done.  Only coffee and tea to keep me going.  What the morning hours are for is writing.  Once I cut up this document into posts, articles, and comments, I will then add other research, images, and video.  I cannot be distracted during the morning hours.  No email.  No surfing.

552. Today is also the first day I am exclusively working on a makeshift standing desk.  My prostate has been killing me, and this is a first step to spending less time sitting.  I don’t know why more companies do not have standing desks except for the expense.  I read somewhere that you should not sit more than 3 hours per day.  Right.  I imagine that not even hunter gatherers stayed on their feet all day.  If you can substitute lying on the couch for sitting, I guess it could work.  But no one in an office can sit less than 3 hours.  Just not going to happen.

553. I also expect the standing desk will help me burn more calories and help keep my blood sugar in check.  Over the past week, I started doing a Paleo reset as recommended by Chris Kresser in one of his books.  Already I am close to normal levels without exercise.  I may have to add weight lifting or calisthenics to keep diabetes in total check.  I believe Jefferson designed one.  I will research that later.  It’s not easy to use at first but it helps keep you focused.  I will have to take frequent breaks to rest my back which still suffers the effects of an automobile injury more than 20 years ago.  The standing desk is also in a part of the house away from the television.  I have been trying to work with the TV as background noise.  That hasn’t worked out well for me.

554. James Altucher swears by the daily habit of writing 10 ideas about any subject you wish.  You might have 10 ways that Twitter could be improved.  You might write 10 ideas on how to improve your home office, or your diet.  At the end of a year, you have 3,650 ideas, maybe 1% of which are valuable.  Maybe more.  But even 36 great ideas would help any individual but out a life theme.  JA is also big on improving your life by 1% each day.  Sounds like a Stoic idea.  Daily self-improvement one small action at a time.  My mentors are really the Stoics, Harry Browne, and James Altucher.

555. The Internet is awash in 7, 21, 30, and 60 day plans for something or other.  Doesn’t matter if it’s marketing, dieting, or “curing” disease.  In consideration are other plans like Dennis Becker’s 30 Day Productivity.  I hesitate only because I have a tendency to take on too much and then get discouraged when I don’t keep up.  My personality is more ADHD, so I need to stay focused on the next item.

556. All of Becker’s products are extremely goal oriented.  I find goals can be deadly, especially with deadlines.  What I like about his plans are this:

  1. pick 3 areas where you can help your business
  2. each day, create 3 to do items that are non-negotiable to complete in the first 3 hours of your day
  3. have 3 more actions in reserve if you have time

557. To support his plan, he has a number of idea templates and checklists to print out.  One good one is 20 minute action plans for small jobs you can get done while waiting for the doctor, or at lunch, or whatever.  What I’m finding for my personality is that it’s easy for me to research and plan and outline, and then put the notes away forever.  The purpose of the daily pdf is to take my ADHD nature and use it for my advantage.  In the afternoons when I surf the web and make posts, I follow my bliss.

558. If I discover a new mail order bride site to add to my directory, I join if free and sign up for the affiliate program and find somewhere to post a banner or link.  Using a simple template, I create a review of the site which I can modify later.  Then I use social bookmarking to promote the new review page.  Then I check YouTube for videos to use with Video Overplay, or standalone with other plugins.  If I wait to come back to the site, it could take months to get what I can have set up in about 30 minutes.  For small affiliate programs, I could leap to the top of Google quickly for people searching for that site.  I would rather pick a 20 minute action out of my ass and just do it when it comes to mind.

559. My 3 Big Business Items:

  1. write a kindle book for the introverted boomer male
  2. rebuild the MOB site directory
  3. master video marketing

560. Ice Cream.  Ben and Jerry are my 2 favorite Yankees.  I would jump over a brewery for a pint of ice cream.  When I get sick or depressed, I give in.  From the screenshot below, it looks like I don’t have to.

Base Zero:

My theme:  iPT - Perpetual Traveler

Elements:  Health, Wealth, and Relationships

When you wake up, you start from zero.  Maybe this is the beginning of being “reborn”, but it started with the Stoics, not earlier.

Usually we start by saying to reinvent yourself.  Call it what you want, the idea is steadily improving your life and happiness on a daily basis.  Always learning.

  1. Know Yourself.  Starting from zero each day requires an honest assessment of where you are and what the driving force of your theme is.
  2. Life Theme.  Not a goal.  Not something that you succeed or fail.  Theme is a dream without a deadline.  Forget the self-help gurus and efficiency experts.  You can’t fail as long as you are moving toward your dream and have not died yet.  Your theme includes health, wealth, and relationships - not just getting a job or making money.  
  3. Go Stoic.  I don’t know why we have hundreds of self-help books that don’t improve on the stoics.  

Base Day:  12 Week Year One

I break down my activities into health, wealth, and relationships.  Of course, they overlap and support each other.  Try being sick and having no income, and she what type of intimate relationships come your way.

What I am developing in “Year One” is a set of habits and rituals that make my life better without me having to think about it.  If conditions change, you can alter your habits and add or drop rituals to stay in peak form.

Notice the concentration on activities and not goals.  I set out to walk every day, write, and to make some human contact my introverted self is comfortable with.

These habits are not meant to be the ceiling of your activities but the floor.  If my base is to write 1,000 words a day, and I write 2,000, great.  But that does not get me a day off tomorrow.

Daily Base:

  1. Health
  1. walk 3+ miles
  2. one short session weights or calisthenics
  3. check blood sugar around noon
  4. intermittent fasting - eat from 2pm to 8pm only
  1. Wealth
  1. write 3,000+ words a day in the daily PDF
  2. create one video blog post and upload video to youtube
  3. create one new CheckLines each day
  4. promote 1 new affiliate product each day
  5. keep food costs to $6 per day - Food Stamp Levels
  1. Relationships
  1. have coffee in a different spot each day and engage other people
  2. traction to get in shape for new relationships

I think of the Stoics when it comes to reinventing yourself each day.  I look to the late Harry Browne as the last Stoic.  Both were focused on results that lead to happiness.

What I don’t want to do is set up dozens of must do items that set one up for failure.  Once you have your base activities in your head, you can add from hundreds of might-do items that can improve your life.  Might-do items are optional and used only as needed.

The Club:

I envision the ultimate IMBRA not to be an IMBRA at all.

What I want to see is a club where men pay for bandwidth, not introductions.

Women around the world are also members of the club and can choose to communicate with any and all other members.

Equality of opportunity.

No agents sending out bullshit flirts and emails.  Women and men are on their own.  We create the club environment where they thrive.

Men will pay somewhere from $29 to $99 a month for bandwidth.  No other fees apply.  We do no introductions.

For women who do not speak English, we provide classes and interpreters.

The interpreters are only for men who visit the women in their home countries.  There will be a fee, but it has to be reasonable.

We want to assign interpreters to the man.  Each will be his interpreter.  No scammy $50/hr rates which the interpreter and the date split at the end of the evening.

In the Ukraine, maximum fees for live interpreters should be $10 ~ $15 per hour.

In the Philippines, we could use resorts like Montebello in Cebu to host our visitors.  Or we could own apartments in town or use Airbnb.

If we can make enough off bandwidth, there is no charge to meet any and all female members.  Just the costs of travel, meals, and hotels.

Or, we create a central office in each town for lessons and meetups, and use Airbnb for everything.

This is just the beginning of hashing out the IBM* Club.

Why I Chose Chromebook for Affiliate Marketing

Apps for smartphones are the rage.  What you can do on your phone you can do online in your browser.  Chrome OS is born.

If you choose, you can start an affiliate marketing business using all free online tools.  

We’re talking free website hosting, domain names, blogs, audio, video, image editing, articles, and more.  

Free may not be the best way to go, but it’s a start until profits allow you to buy help.

Here are my top 11 reasons to go Chrome:

1. Chromebook is the fastest Internet device on the planet, with a screen and a keyboard and a touchpad.  Boot in seconds.  8+ hours of battery life.  Small and sleek.

2. I bought the cheapest one I could find - Acer C720.  $179.00  Two other computers in the house were getting squirrely, so I decided to give Chromebook a try.  I do kick myself for not buying it earlier.

3. The guts of the OS is in the firmware.  It’s virtually impossible to hack a Chromebook.  (your biggest risk is entering info into a spoofed site)  

4. No need for updates.  Google updates Chrome OS automatically.

5. Hundreds of apps and extensions.  Many of the newer apps can also be used offline.  Non-Google apps can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.   Examples include Evernote, Dropbox, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, and eBay.  Most of them free.  

6. You can move all of your documents online with Google Drive.  No need for Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.  Once you make the commitment to cloud computing, you’ll wonder why you would ever want bloated apps on your computer.

7. The Chrome browser is your engine, and Wordpress is your platform.  Both are free.

8. Light weight.  Mine runs a little over 2 pounds.  Perfect machine for PTs (perpetual travelers).

9. Google has added 100GB of online storage, free for 2 years.  Nice, but you already have more than you will need on Google+.  If you need more free cloud storage, I recommend

10. Unlike tablets, Chromebooks have physical keyboards similar to laptops. Don’t be freaked by a missing Delete key, which is missing on Chromebooks.  You will need to master a few new keystrokes.

11. HDMI output. Chromebooks can be connected to an HDTV. This enables you to play a  video on your Chromebook and watch it on your big-screen TV.


No computer is perfect.  

If you have proprietary software that only runs on a PC or Mac, you will have to keep what you are doing.

You may be a person that cannot move from Excel to an online spreadsheet.  So be it.

Printing is a hassle.  You can print wirelessly with Google Cloud Print.

But if you are an Internet marketer, or want to be one, Chrome is the way to go.  If you don’t want to buy a Chromebook, at least shift your browser to Chrome and move your marketing efforts to the cloud.

For Chromebook accessories, visit:

Cloud Only Affiliate Marketing

Reasons for setting up this site:

  1. Anyone who is out of work, underemployed, or needs additional income without a second job can use affiliate marketing immediately.
  2. If you want, you can start and work totally free if you have access to a computer connected to the Internet.
  3. For affiliate marketers, you can do all of your marketing and promotion in the cloud - writing, blogs, recording video, podcasts, advertising - most of it free.
  4. Chrome is the ideal browser to make this happen.  
  5. A Chromebook is the tool to take Chrome OS to the pinnacle of affiliate marketing.

If you are locked into Windows or Mac, the Chromebook is you choice for a backup computer.

Here is the way I go about setting up:

  1. Choose a username you would like to use as a domain name:  “commanderchrome”


  1. If few people at the various sites are using that name, and the .com domain is free, create a Know’em account with that username.
  2. If you don’t have a hosting account, I recommend going to and buying the domain name first.  Once you have the domain name, they will show you cheaper options for hosting.
  3. Once your domain is set up, create at least one email address to use for your business.  You want to use this all over the Internet.  “
  4. Use this new email as often as possible.  Use others to sign up for newsletters and anything else that can be turned into junk.
  5. Set up your WordPress blog.
  6. Choose a theme.
  7. Manage settings.
  8. Create a privacy page.
  9. Create a disclaimer page.
  10. Add a footer.

“Cloud only” does not mean free only.

You want to start free if you are a newbie or novice, But for as little as $13 (1&1) you can get a domain name and unlimited disk space and bandwidth for a year.  

The second year will cost more, but if you don’t make any money that first year, you can just cancel the service.  You could also transfer the domain somewhere else (reseller account), but it’s better to just make money and let the site pay for itself.

Start with an article.  For our purposes, I’m going to create an initial article about the Google Chromebook and Chrome OS.  For affiliate marketing, it is the one tool that will make your life easier.

Write your first post.

For your main domain, only use original content.

Article Spinning:

When I switched to Chromebook, I moved to Content Professor PRO as my content spinner of choice.  It’s not free - about $10/month for the pro version, but you can start with their free version.

I have my way of doing this that’s a bit different.

Title spin template.

Article body spin.

Bio spin.

Article Spinning With Content Professor


                                                                        ~ Content Professor

Many definitions of article spinning exist.  Some love it.  Some hate it.  

Done well, you can dominate your niche on the web.  Done poorly, and you can get your site banned.

What we set out to do is article spinning in a way to drive traffic to your website, raise your rank in Google, make money, and keep your content fresh and new for the search engines.

As I will get into in detail later, I have settled on Content Professor as the article/content spinner of choice.

Rule #1:  Original Content Only On Your Money Sites

Original content is precious.  It takes time to develop, and sorry, Hubpages, but you’re not worth it.