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Soccer - 11v11 Tournament
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        Full Field Soccer Rules

(Updated 11/2021)

We want to stress the importance of safety and fair play. It is far more important that play be safe than the team wins. We will instruct referees to make a call that enforces safety even if it costs a goal or penalizes the offended team by stopping play. Advantage should be used judiciously by the referee for the more experienced players. Red cards for fouls/abusive language (even aimed at own team members), taunting, and serious foul play will be used.


  1. Club Sport does not issue team shirts for tournaments. Teams must bring 2 sets of their own jerseys/shirts. One shirt of any color they choose and the second one being white to avoid conflicts.
  2. All players MUST wear commercially purchased shin guards.
  3. No sharp or metal cleats are allowed.
  4. No jewelry is allowed (wedding bands and stud earrings are ok).
  5. All upper extremity braces & casts must be padded or covered to use on the field.
  6. Any knee or other braces that may be an issue can be banned per the coordinator's judgment.
  1. Club Sport issues yellow cards as a warning and "cooling" off for players. If a yellow card is issued, the player (even the keeper) is sent off and cannot return for 2 minutes.  The team must play a man down, no matter if a goal is scored during the 2 minutes.
  1. Should a player off the field receive a yellow, the team must play down a player for 2 minutes.
  2. Any player or fan is encouraged to root for their own team but rooting against teams or use of disparaging language is discouraged and could result in penalties towards teams or dismissal of fans.
  3. Any fans of teams may be asked to leave by Club Sport staff. Refusal to leave could result in forfeiture of games.
  1. If the referee deems a player's repeated misconduct to warrant a red card, it will be issued. If a red card is issued the team has to play a man down for the remainder of the game (in coed the team must play down a player of the same gender that was red carded).
  1. A minimum of 7 players for 11v11, with at least 2 females for coed, must be present or the team will forfeit the game.
  2. There is no maximum limit to the amount of females which can be on the field.
  3. Everyone must sign in on your team's roster to be eligible and players may NOT play for more than one team in each division unless approved by Club Sport Staff.
  4. Players may only play on 1 team per division.
  5. To be eligible player's names must be listed on a roster prior to the start of a team's 2nd game and any player not SIGNED by the start of the 3rd game is ineligible.
  6. A forfeit win is counted as 5-0.

  2. The team that wins the coin toss at the start of the game will have first choice to kick-off or choose a goal to defend.
  3. Consists of the ball being placed at midfield.  The ball must complete 1 forward rotation before touched by another player.
  4. Play will be divided into (2)  25-minute halves separated by a brief 5 minute halftime.  There will be a running clock maintained by a referee. The clock will stop only during prolonged injury time-outs. Any delay tactics, (kicking the ball out of bounds on purpose) will allow the referee (at his/her discretion) to stop the clock. If for any reason the game should be cancelled with more than half of the game played (i.e. 2nd half has started), the game and the score is considered final.
  5. Normal rules and penalties of the NCAA apply unless exceptions have been made herein.
  6. RAINOUT - If all teams have completed two pool play games at the time of a rainout, the champion will be determined by record and goal differential.  Should less than two games be completed by all teams, a makeup date may be scheduled to replay or finish the tournament

  1. The maximum goal differential for a single game will be capped at +5.
  2. Pool play games ending in a tie score will be recorded as tie games.  
  3. During playoffs & finals, a game tied after regulation will go into overtime.  Overtime will consist of (2) 5-minute sudden death periods.  If neither team scores after the overtime periods, teams will go into a shootout.
  1. There IS slide tackling in MEN's or WOMEN's ONLY - not in coed. The only time sliding is permitted in COED is to save or stop the ball but only when another player is not (in the eyes of the referee) in “harm's way” of the slide. In coed, Club Sport defines a slide as going down with one or both legs to the ground to get the ball - it does not have to be a slide “tackle” and the ball does not have to be in possession of an opponent. If a slide is near a player, intentional or not, a foul will be called. Coed goalies must lead with the hands or body when going for the ball near another player. If the referee calls you for a slide "tackle" and issues a yellow card you may receive a 2 minute yellow card.
  1. Substitutions may occur at ANY TIME (On the fly). They must be made near mid field and cannot result in an advantageous play on the ball. If it results in an advantage the play can be whistled dead and a free kick will be called for the other team.
  1. All 11v11 games will have both indirect and direct kicks followed by the laws of the game as well as offsides.
  2. If the ball touches the referee (or another match official) and goes into the goal, team possession changes or a promising attack starts, a dropped ball is awarded.
  3. Referees enforce the rules and maintain safety. They will have the last word. Excessive arguing will result in a yellow card being issued.
  1. Each team selects 5 players (3 males, 2 females for coed)- players don’t have to have been playing at the end of regulation. A coin toss will decide which team shoots first. The referee will decide which goal to shoot at.
  2. Teams will alternate taking direct penalty shots from 12 paces off the goal line. (No guy/ girl shooting order is necessary)
  3. The 2nd round is SUDDEN DEATH i.e. 1st player from Team A scores & 1st player from Team B misses - Team A wins. In the sudden death teams will alternate guy/girl first using every eligible player once before repeating any players.
  1. Each tournament will advance a set number of teams out of pool play for single elimination playoffs.
  1. Coed Rec - Top 2 teams will advance to a 1 game final.
  2. Coed Comp - Top 2 teams will advance to a 1 game final.  
  3. Men’s Open - Top 2 teams will advance to a 1 game final.
  1. Tournament seeding is based on the following criteria:  1) most total points (with 3 for win and 1 for tie), 2) highest goal differential (capped at +5 per game) , 3) head-to-head play (if any), 4) fewest goals allowed, 5) most goals scored, 6) coin toss.