THE CHIMES // Business Staff

Basic function and responsibility:  

The main responsibility of the Business Staff is to assist the Business Manager in overseeing the Chimes’ finances. The precise execution of this role differs according to need, but usually includes managing the accounts, budgets, and staff payroll, as well as securing revenue for the Chimes. The Business Staff is expected to be in regular communication with the Business Manager, and if necessary the Editor-in-Chief, to provide regular updates.


1. Assist the Business Manager in their duties.

2. Keep track of all income and expenses.

3. Communicate with advertisers to bring in revenue for the Chimes.

4. Help other staff members file financial forms and answer questions about paychecks.

5. Ensure the staff is compensated with biweekly paychecks and/or scholarships.

6. Coordinate with the Business Staff and Distributor, as well as with the Chimes’ printer.

Supervision received: Chimes Editor-in-Chief, Business Manager

Supervision of others: None


General:  Good interpersonal and marketing skills. Proficient with spreadsheet programs and general accounting. Must have knowledge, or willing to learn about, Biola-related forms and business processes. Previous classes, internships or jobs in business are a plus.

Education and experiences: At the time of election or appointment, have completed at least one semester at Biola University with a full-time student status and currently be enrolled as a full-time student. Prior work or class experience in business is preferable.

This position receives a leadership scholarship. In order to retain their scholarship, the staff member must hold to expectations as outlined in a rubric.