Google Expeditions AR Pioneer Program FAQs

About Google Expeditions & the Pioneer Program

What is Google Expeditions AR?

This year’s Pioneer Program is bringing you a sneak peek of Expeditions AR, an unreleased feature of Expeditions. With Expeditions AR, teachers and students map the physical classroom and  place 3D objects like one of Michelangelo’s statues on the students’ desks so that everyone can examine the statue together at the same time. Anything from a strand of DNA to a whirling tornado can be brought into the classroom. Students will use our devices to get up close to see detail, or step back to get a sense of scale and point out new discoveries together. Teachers are able to highlight specific points of interest on the object and incorporate it to suit the lesson.

For more information on the Expeditions AR lessons we’re offering, please check out our list of tours our list of tours or list with images.

The App

During this year’s Pioneer Program, we’ll be giving teachers and students a sneak peek of Expeditions AR, an unreleased feature of the Expeditions app which will allows educators to bring augmented reality into the classroom.

Expeditions lessons are accessed and viewed through the Expeditions app. Teachers can choose an Expedition and lead a group of students through a virtual field trip and/or place 3D objects throughout their classroom, selecting the content they’re viewing and pointing out specific points of interest along the way. Teachers are able to pause trips to get the class’s attention, keep an eye on where individual children are looking and even let students explore on their own.

The Hardware

The Pioneer Program Associate will come to your school with everything you need to run the Expeditions app. The Pioneer Program utilizes phones and a router to run the Expeditions app. We know many schools don’t have great Internet service (or any at all) so we built Expeditions to work without it!  Our router allows Expeditions to run over its own local Wi-Fi network.

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What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is a technology that allows a computer-generated image to be superimposed on a user's view of the real world (similar to a Snapchat filter), allowing users to place digital objects in real spaces. Augmented reality generates a new dimension to learning and can hopefully make it easier for students to grasp abstract concepts. With Expeditions, teachers can map the physical classroom and place 3D objects like one of Michelangelo’s statues on the students’ desks so that everyone can examine the statue together at the same time.

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When can Google Expeditions come to my school?!

Due to the demand for the Google Expeditions Pioneer Program, bookings are done on a first come first serve basis. Please refer to the email sent by your coordinator to check availability. Or, if your school hasn’t already signed up, you can sign up here.

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What is the aim of the program?

The aim of the program is to provide teachers with the opportunity to try Expeditions AR. The hope is that teachers are able to see how Expeditions can be a valuable teaching tool; one that allows them to create immersive experiences that they would otherwise not be able to experience. Most importantly, we want students to be able to see the world in a way that will enable them to get even more value from their lessons.

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Why is Google offering this?

Google is passionate about education and wants to help teachers create powerful learning environments that can prepare students for the future. Augmented reality takes a huge step to creating that powerful learning environment and the best people to pioneer it and provide valuable feedback are the teachers and students. We want as many people as possible during this program to experience Expeditions so that we can make this product the best that it can be.

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How much will it cost?

The Google Expeditions Pioneer Program is absolutely free. We want to make this program as accessible as possible to enable as many schools as possible to take part. There is also no obligation to purchase anything you see. The Expeditions app and its content is absolutely free to download.

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How can we see what expedition lessons are offered?

Click here to see the entire list of lessons we are offering for the Expeditions AR Pioneer Program. You can get a better sense of the lessons, the associated objects, and corresponding existing Expeditions lessons here.

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About the Expeditions Visit

What happens on the day

We will visit your school with all the required equipment to run the Expeditions app. Our Associate will show your teachers how to use the AR feature of the app, which is designated for children 5 and up. We will run 2 classes of 30 students concurrently and can run up to 20 sessions throughout the day, reaching up to 600 students in a day.

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What equipment will I need to provide

No equipment at all!! We will provide everything the students need in order to participate in the day. All we ask from you is that we have two rooms in close proximity to each other for the sessions to take place in, a charging port for the equipment, teachers that are excited to show their students this new tool and, most importantly, as many students that will participate in the experience.

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What equipment will be provided by Google?

The Google Expeditions Associate will arrive with 2 kits. Each kit includes: a teacher device, student devices and one router.

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How many people will be coming?

We will send you one associate, who will stay with you all day to train teachers and help with any technical issues.

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What is the role of the Google Expeditions Associate?

The role of the Google Expeditions Associate is firstly, to help all teachers taking part in the day to become familiar with the how to use the app to ensure the students get the most out of every Expeditions lesson. Secondly, the Google Expeditions Associate will be on hand for any technical difficulties that may arise and to ensure that all of the equipment is set up ready for each session. Lastly, the students (and teachers!) get very excited and often have a lot of questions! The Google Expeditions Associate will be your expert for the day and be able to answer any questions anyone may have!

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Who will lead the sessions?

In order to show how easily Expeditions can fit into everyday lessons, the teachers will lead the sessions and incorporate Expeditions into their lesson plans. The Google Expeditions Associate will be on hand to set up, assist with any technical issues and answer any questions the students or teachers may have.

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What preparation do we need to undertake?

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How to Schedule a Visit

How do we complete the schedule?

Our coordinators will send you a custom schedule template.

Add the following information about your school and POCs on your schedule:

For the sessions, there is one row for each of the two classrooms.  Each slot on your schedule lasts up to 30 minutes and should include approximately 30 students in each. For each slot, please include the following:

If you have any problems completing the schedule, please do not hesitate to contact your coordinator. To ensure that the day runs smoothly, it is very important that your completed schedule is not changed 3 business days prior to the event. If anything comes up, contact your coordinator.

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What is the role of the POC (Point of Contact)

We request one - two POCs be available the entire day. The POCs should help the Google Associate set up, break down, and be the associate’s emergency contact.  The POCs will need to stay in the rooms just in case, as the associate usually runs between the two Expeditions rooms. The associate cannot assist two teachers at once, so that is where the POC comes in.

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Who could be the POC at our school?

POCs can be teachers, staff or even parents!

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Where do the sessions take place?

The Expeditions sessions will occur in two separate rooms in your schools.  We prefer that the two spaces are within close proximity of each other, as the associate will need to go back and forth between the rooms. With Expeditions AR, students are encouraged to walk around and interact with the objects, which can be done in most classrooms or school rooms. Check out this video to see what your visit might look like!

Unfortunately, we are unable to change rooms once the expedition visit has started.

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How long will each session last and can this be extended?

Each session will last a maximum of 30 minutes. In order to reach the maximum number of students and preserve battery life on all the electrical products, we are unfortunately unable to extend this time.

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Why is there a Teacher Training Session?

As the teachers will be responsible for leading their session, the Teacher Training is designed to walk the teachers through how to use the app and get a chance to see what it’s like for their students. This will allow teachers to better understand the best way to integrate it into their lesson plans. The teacher training should be held in one of the rooms in which the sessions take place.

Feel free to include all staff and non-participating teachers to check out Expeditions!

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Why are there two separate sessions?

For optimal results, it is best to have 2 separate rooms in close proximity. The two separate sessions allow for the best learning experience with the highest number of students at one time. We have also found that having separate sessions enables the Google Associates to manage the kit effectively.

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How many students can participate in one day?

We want as many students as possible to take part in the program and can have a maximum of 600 students per day (20 sessions, each with 30 students). However, if you have more than 600 students wanting to take part, our Google Expedition Associate can come to your school on more than one occasion. This has worked well for many of the larger schools we have worked with.

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How many breaks are required throughout the day?

The schedule will show you that a minimum of a one hour break in the middle of the day is required in order to fully charge the equipment ready for the following sessions. If your school has any other breaks throughout the day, we will happily accommodate this as again it will allow us to give our equipment an energy boost!

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What if my visit gets canceled?

If your visit gets canceled due to the weather we will do our very best to work with you to reschedule the visit. If your school cancels the visit after confirmation, we will do our best to reschedule. Due to the high demand of the Pioneer Program, our schedules fill up quickly and we cannot guarantee a rescheduled visit.

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What age is appropriate for Google Expeditions?

Google Expeditions can be used with students from age 5 and above; however, Google Cardboard is not approved for students under the age of 7. To learn more about the safety guidelines, see here. Students under the age of 7 can use Google Expeditions in full screen mode (If you are not using a Cardboard viewer, tap Full Screen  to use the app in full-screen mode.) without Google Cardboard.

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Who is suitable to take part in the program?

All students aged five and up can take part in the program!

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