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Approved by Governors: September 2018

Review Date: September 2020

Statement of intent

Whiston Worrygoose Junior and Infant School believes that learning about gardening, how to grow fruit and vegetables, as well as the plant growing cycle, will help pupils understand the natural world and the connection between plants and the environment, including how this affects them.

Whiston Worrygoose Junior and Infant School will teach pupils basic gardening skills through practical garden sessions. This policy has been created in order to outline the key responsibilities and procedures for staff and pupils regarding gardening in the school.

  1. Legislative framework

  1. This policy has due regard to legislation, including, but not limited to, the following:
  1. Aims and objectives

  1. The aims and objectives of gardening practice at the school are to:
  1. Every pupil has the right to garden whilst at school, and to learn basic gardening skills, in order to develop a greater understanding of the natural environment.
  2. Whiston Worrygoose Junior and Infant School will implement a whole school approach to gardening, by involving all pupils in the development and maintenance of the school grounds.
  3. The school will seek to increase pupils’ knowledge about plants, and teach them how to grow and care for them.
  4. The school will help develop pupils’ self-discipline, decision-making and team skills through the use of gardening.
  1. Responsibility and good practice

  1. David Taylor will have the overall responsibility for the school garden.
  2. Other members of the gardening team are Charlotte Angell and the Site Manager
  3. David Taylor will ensure that a record of gardening activities is completed at the end of every session, and that rotas and pupil responsibilities are coordinated.

  1. Risk Management

  1. Risk assessment
  1. Supervision
  1. Tool use

  1. Clothing
  1. Chemicals
  1. Plants
  1. Heavy objects
  1. Gardening in key stage 1

  1. In key stage 1, pupils will be taught how to:
  1. Gardening in key stage 2

  1. In key stage 2, pupils will be taught how to:
  1. Weather

  1. Appropriate clothing will be worn for the weather condition (hot, cold, wet, windy).
  2. When the weather is hot, the staff member on duty will ensure all pupils drink fluids regularly, and work activities will be planned in shady areas where possible.
  3. Schools will advise pupils and parent helpers to apply their sun cream and wear hats as stated in the school’s Sun Safety Policy.
  4. In the event of wet weather, the staff member on duty will close paths if they are too slippery, and revise activities to minimise risk of slipping.
  5. During windy conditions, the staff member on duty will avoid using loose compost and digging/raking soil.
  6. If the garden becomes flooded/waterlogged due to wet weather, crops will not be harvested from this area for consumption and will be relocated to an unflooded area.
  7. No crops will be grown for at least two years after the flood, as this could compromise the quality of the crops.  
  1. Storage

  1. All gardening equipment will be stored away correctly when not in use.
  2. Equipment will never be left out in the rain, or when not in use.
  1. Health and safety

  1. At all times, the pupils’ health and safety will be implemented in accordance with the school’s Health and Safety Policy.
  2. Pupils will be taught how to carry equipment safely.
  3. Whiston Worrygoose Junior and Infant School will use an appropriate adult to pupil ratio of 1:10 or 1:6 in KS1 and Y3
  4. All staff will be actively involved in supporting pupils’ interests and learning.
  5. All pupils will be aware of the designated gardening areas.
  6. Pupils will never be left unsupervised.
  7. A qualified first aider will be readily available each time the garden is in use, and procedures will be in place in case of an emergency.
  8. All accidents will be recorded in accordance with the school’s Accident Reporting Procedure Policy, and the parents/carers informed.
  9. All risk assessments will be carried out prior to the use of the garden.
  10. Pupils will not lift heavy objects or bags.
  11. Pupils will not eat anything without checking with the staff member on duty first.
  1. Equal opportunities

  1. All pupils at Whiston Worrygoose Junior and Infant School, regardless of their age, size, ability, mobility, gender, religions, beliefs, and culture, will have equal access to the garden, and the full range of learning experiences offered there.
  2. Pupils with special educational needs and disabilities may require additional support to access these outside areas; however, this will not affect their right to participate in gardening activities.
  1. Monitoring and review

  1. This policy is reviewed every two years by headteacher, ensuring that all procedures are up-to-date.
  2. Any changes made to this policy will be communicated to all members of staff.