Black River Independent School Committee

Date/Time: 02/21/2019 @ 6:30pm

Location: Black River High School Middle School Library

  1. Call to Order-Melissa standing in for John; Called to order by MP @ 6:39pm
  1. Roll Call-Kristen Garvey, Melissa Perrino, Suzy Buckley, Heather Tucker,

Marissa Selleck, Joanne Wilson, Suzanne Garvey (Guest)

             B.  Approval of Agenda: Additions & Deletions-Motion made by MP, 2nd by

                SB; Passed

II. Approval of Minutes

             A. 02/14/2019-Motion made by MP, 2nd by SB; Passed

                * Except for Minutes of 02/14/2019 everything is up to date on website

III. Business

            A. Updates

1. Sub-Committee for Intermediary Tier Outreach; Contact/Mt Liaison/Rotary:

*SYNOPSIS: Explained that this role is assist us in reaching out to 2nd homeowners, businesses, etc; this group represents the second/middle tier in the

fundraising diagram presented to us by the Fundraising Consultant.  First phase was the letter to the community members; second phase is for intermediary financial support from members such as 2nd homeowners and businesses; assistance from a community such as Suzanne who has real estate and Rotary experience would be ideal.

Second piece of this role is to review lists and identify key names/families in

this category.

Primary Notes from Suzanne: Happy to assist, key take away points as follows:

-Rotary does provide request for funds, process is the requesting organization

writes submission letter to Rotary board, who will put it on their next board meeting’s agenda; main designation of request is that it goes to a local cause;

-Rotary typically meets on Tuesdays with a guest speaker at lunch time, will check availability for us to speak;

-Reviewing lists is one way but even more beneficial would be to reach out to something already formed on the mountain, ie: South Face &/or Solitude Associations; can provide us with some contact names to follow up with;

-Another avenue is to research events already going on in town, ie: Killarney’s Golf Tournament,

*Other suggestions from group include: Block Parties, Food Tasting (apps instead of beer/wine, a la Taste of Fall), Comedy Night, Mud Season Social, etc.

-Again, relate these back to events already occurring locally.

-Live music is a huge draw: create a two tiered event that includes meal & music and people can either opt for just music or both;

*Request from MP for low key short term suggestion?

-Yes, drinks a la Main & Mountain; possibilities are a cash bar, available venue,

various local food to sample.  Maybe even request a special drink to be concocted just for the occasion & designate a % to be proffered.

        **Follow up on with Hostel/Main & Mountain &/or Stem’s, etc!

-Time Frame: Late March, early April; still a number of people around;

*Other events for pop-ups: School Fair, Town Meeting, games=up sell

fundraising events at these gatherings; also, these will be a good chance to reach out & find our demographics;

-Sub Committee Members to Include: Heather Tucker, Suzanne Garvey; Melissa Perrino, Marissa Selleck; Megan Harlow has also offered assistance in this area.

-Recap: Music is universally inviting; and associating with pre-existing events/groups will be a HUGE step forward;

-Another beneficial step will be to get onto newsletters;

        -Sponsorship could be a possibility (potential to provide logo gear);

        -Look for possible partnerships

        -Expand our marketing!  Available resource with website designer who also has

        background in marketing;

                *Follow up on contacting website designer for marketing role.

        -Other options for now: move forward with what we can control; pay for Facebook

        Ad time; reach out to local businesses to share links, provide images and

        updates, brochures...keep making those connections!

        *SB motion to offer website designer marketing position, KG second; Approved!

                *MP to reach out to website contact (as per above);

        *Also, look into providing Press Release link on our website.

        *Lastly, status of building: TBD, will be put forth from to voters next week at

        official public forums.


        2. OMS Board Outreach via MP: OMS Board meets every 3rd Thursday of the

        month at 9am; we can ask to be a part of the Agenda for the next meeting, just

        need to give them about 2 weeks notice; if we can’t physically be there we can

        also call in; possibly another sub-committee to form.

                -SG: suggested we give ourselves time to plan (take breathing time).

             B. Discussion

        1. OVTV Interview: Schedule! OVTV hours are as follows: Mondays &

        Wednesdays 9am-6pm; Tuesdays & Thursdays 9am-7pm; & Fridays 9am-5pm.

                *MS to follow up with a doodle poll for availability (especially JB!)

        2. Town Meeting-As per discussion (see synopsis above), yes definitely need to

        be a presence and reach out to community.

        3. Brochure Printing-Same; as per above discussion/synopsis, professional

        brochure is agreed upon.

IV. Public Comment

SG reiterated: Music & existing events!  & will follow up on Rotary sponsorship as well as availability for guest speakers.

V. Suggested Items for Next Meeting

Town Meeting Presence Discussion

Meet & Greet Event Planning; Researching current existing events/associations/etc.

Brochure Design to Print, as well as Marketing plans moving forward

VI. Adjournment

Adjourned by MP @ 7:56pm