How to create a “static front page” & how to make a “blogroll” page

blogroll: a page that accumulates posts, the newest one usually appearing at the top. The idea of a blog is that it consistently renews itself with new content, the older content findable via an archive. Posts are different from pages. Posts are shorter both in size and focus, generally. Pages are static, that is they do not change regularly.

One of the pages on your site will be designated “the blogroll” page. We are going to make “Class Work” the blogroll page. We are also going to make the “About” page a “Static front page.” This is the page your readers will see whenever they stumble upon (or purposely go to) your homepage. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Go to your dashboard.
  2. Find Appearance/Customize
  3. Click “Customize”

Your “posts” page is you blogroll.

You did it! Check out the front end of your site and you’ll see a new front page. If you make some posts, you will see them appear under “Class Work.”

Submit a Gradian form for Participation. In the “Comment” section describe what you’ve done!