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Resident Major Storm Guide

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During a major storm, it is important to know that your Property Management Team is at home and also affected by the same major storm. Response time during and after major storms are likely to be delayed and will be ordered for assessment by the severity of the reported issue. Please try and understand that our vendors do not just service Suncoast residents and may be backlogged/overloaded with an extreme amount of calls. The staff at Suncoast will work as quickly as we possibly can. We highly suggest you vacate your home during the storm if you feel the danger from the storm is imminent and could put you and your family in harm's way. Suncoast Property Management and it’s Owners are not required nor responsible to cover the expense, should you choose to leave your home during a storm.

Portfolio Managers:

Karen Geneux: kgeneux@suncoastrentals.com

Melissa Veazie: mveazie@suncoastrentals.com
Jenifer Bullard: jbullard@suncoastrentals.com

Latoya Boger: lboger@suncoastrentals.com