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AWE Club Online Rules V2
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AWE Club Online Tutoring - Rules and Guidelines

About AWE Club

The main objective of AWE club is to find ways to run a wide range of group lessons and workshops for those children who benefit from learning together, where the cost is shared, making it more affordable for all. AWE is a Home Education Club not a school and is not required to be registered with OFSTED.


All teachers and Debbie have current DBS certificates.


We rarely have any behaviour problems with children attending AWE lessons, however if you do have any concerns please speak to the relevant teacher promptly so it can be dealt with quickly. We expect students to be respectful and kind and behave well with no bad language or bullying. Students who use bad language, mute or remove the teacher or are unkind to other children will be removed from the lesson which could lead to a permanent removal from the course if they continue with the same behaviour. We expect children and adults to treat each other with mutual respect and to remember there are always two sides to a story. If a situation should remain unresolved please contact Debbie.


Parents pay for each half term in advance. Teachers commit to provide online lessons for that half term. You are welcome to do one trial lesson per subject at a cost of £11 per hour. After that if you decide to continue you will need to pay for the rest of that half term in advance. No refunds are given within each half term, you only commit financially to one half term. Once you have submitted the form you will receive an automated email telling you how to pay.

Refunds. Payments are not refundable as we provide the lessons based on numbers of students and if people ask for refunds part way through the half term it may not be viable to run the lessons for the remaining students.Courses will have to be cancelled if we have very low numbers of children.


Please bear in mind that one lesson a week may be enough of a subject for some students but for others it may not be enough. As a Home Educating parent you need to make decisions about how much extra study work and home work your child does. When doing exam courses students will definitely need to be doing the homework and assignments set by the teachers in order to cover all the material for the exams. Please remember every child is different and maybe attending AWE for various different reasons with very different expectations and plans. We do our best to support everyone even if they want to attend just to make friends with no intention of sitting exams. If your child needs help please email the relevant teacher. If homework causes the child too much anxiety just let the teacher know so he or she doesn’t ask the child for it. We understand many home educated children have anxiety issues and we try to help them overcome them without any pressure. Remember exams are optional!

Course Material

Teachers will explain exactly which textbooks are needed at the start of each course. Parents need to buy relevant books. Please read the course details for each subject on the website.

Sickness and Illness

No refunds are given if your child does not attend the class for any reason including illness. Should a teacher become ill and have to cancel any class or classes, they will do their best to notify parents in plenty of time where possible. Teachers will try to arrange a replacement class or classes to take place on an alternative date or time if they can. If this can’t be arranged then refunds will be given or fee’s carried over to the following half term.


Parents should where possible join the FACEBOOK page AWE HOME EDUCATION HERE (opens in a new window) as any last minute cancellations or messages are posted there in the first instant.

AWE Discounts and Special Offers

I run lots of discount schemes and offers for members. You are welcome to share this with other Home Educators. All information is on my website. There is also the Facebook page and also for extra special non-public discounts there is Home Educators Secret Discounts Facebook page


Parents are responsible for monitoring their child’s attendance and behaviour during online lessons. Please ensure they are set up ready to start at the correct time as it can be very disruptive if they login late and require assistance. Please ensure children do not mute the teacher as they will miss out. Parents are responsible for ensuring students have correct equipment and the ability to connect to the lessons. If your child does not have a webcam or mic turned on, it is difficult for the teacher to know if the child is actually taking part in the lesson, so parents need to check their children are actually doing the lesson.

Online Security

Teachers use trusted reliable systems that are kept up to date with the latest security upgrades. They will not share your data with any third parties.

WebCam and Microphone

We understand some children prefer to have their webcam or mic off during the lessons. AWE teachers understand children's anxieties and will accommodate this however we feel that children do get more out of the lessons if they participate where possible. It is much better if the teacher can see the students and speak to them.

Exam Entries

Exams are optional, not compulsory. Parents are responsible for booking as an external candidate at an exam centre of their choice. Teachers will advise details of exam codes required for entry. AWE run courses online for qualifications that are ‘final exam only’ and do not require any kind of coursework or controlled assessment. (Except Citizenship, Film Studies and English taught by Neil). Some teachers are able to provide predicted grades for some courses if required due to Covid rules.

Exam Fees

AWE Home Education is an approved Learning Partner of Tutors and Exams. This means our students receive a discounted price for exams booked at a T&E exam centre.


Please note if your child requires any special access arrangements or has SEN needs, there is no guarantee that these can be catered for. The exams officer will help or advise if she can but often complex cases require so much paperwork and expensive outside assessments to be done that she cannot help. It is the parents responsibility to deal with exam access requirements. My advice is start very early as it is a very long complicated process. If you are using Tutors and Exams as your exam centre they offer lots of free support with special access arrangements.

Social Services

AWE teachers do not give any legal advice or write reports under any circumstances to social services or the local education authorities. They are not qualified to undertake these requests and as the parent stays on the premises or supervises online they retain their parental responsibility and it is not appropriate for teachers to make any kind of reports.

AWE is a Home Education club not a school. Parents must supervise their children during group lessons online

Unforeseeable Circumstances

The Coronavirus situation has shown that we can’t plan for every situation despite our best efforts. Should anything unforeseen happen all parties will do their best to come to an agreeable solution where possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this document.

Kind regards


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AWE Club Online Rules V2 15-07-2021